Why You Should Switch To Cloth Baby Diapers Today

Lots of great reasons to choose cloth baby diapers here. They’re not like the cloth baby diapers when you were growing up. They’re better! There’s no need for diaper pins and folded edges anymore. Today’s cloth diapers have different closures that keep them snugly on your baby — without the need for pins.

Diaper Cakes Make Great Baby Shower Gifts – How To Make Your Own!

Following are some tips for making your own diaper cakes, plus some places to order diaper cakes online. That way, you can have it delivered to the new parents — at the hospital or at home. Or have the diaper cake delivered to you, and you can take it to the baby shower!

4 Effortless Ways To Simplify Your Pregnancy

Here are 4 effortless ways to make your pregnancy easy. Simplify life during pregnancy by outsourcing grocery delivery, meal preparation, house cleaning, and shopping for baby.

How Many Diapers To Buy Before Baby & What Kind?

It’s time to stock up on diapers before the new baby arrives. How many diapers should you buy ahead of time? What brand of diapers should you buy? When is a diaper really a good price? Here are links to great mom blogs which discuss diapers for new babies.