How Many Diapers To Buy Before Baby & What Kind?

It’s time to stock up on diapers before the new baby arrives. How many diapers should you buy ahead of time? What brand of diapers should you buy? When is a diaper really a good price? Here are links to great mom blogs which discuss diapers for new babies.

How Many Car Seats Fit In The Back Of A Sedan?

How many car seats can fit in the back of a sedan? 3 at most. Here’s my plan for squeezing 3 Britax car seats in the rear seat of my Toyota. If I can’t do it, I’ll have to buy a Sunshine Kids Radian 80 for its skinny size and 5-point-harness up to 80 pounds.

Choosing Baby Names That Are Not Too Trendy

Are you trying to find a baby name that’s not too trendy? Here’s a list of the best resources for hip baby names, including how to see if your baby’s name is too trendy!

How Long To Keep Baby Clothes and Equipment

How long should you keep baby clothing & equipment that your kids have outgrown? A mom of 3 tells you her strategy for saving, selling, and keeping baby equipment before it goes bad.