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Preparing For Labor

Do you have a pet and are wondering how to successfully get your pet & baby together with a minimum of fuss? Understanding how to get pet & baby together will save you time and trouble.

Baby delivery costs can be outrageous! Here's how to reduce the cost of having a baby.

One major issue that must be decided upon prior to the birth of the child is whether or not to preserve the baby's cord blood. Ever since a child was successfully treated with cord blood stem cells to cure his Fanconi anemia in 1988, the popularity of cord blood banking has increased. Here are the pros & cons of cord blood preservation.

What if you can't take a childbirth education class at the hospital? You can prepare for labor and delivery at home by watching a childbirth education DVD. We think Laugh and Learn About Childbirth is the best DVD class available.

Here's a list of things that you should NOT pack in your hospital bag before giving birth. Good advice on simplifying your hospital bag and not packing more than you can carry home!

It's never too early to pack the hospital bag for baby's birth! And keep it in the trunk of your car. Here's a list of essentials to take to the hospital.

After some contractions and cramping at 19 weeks, my ultrasound showed placenta previa, a serious pregnancy complication in which the placenta covers the cervix. Here are some online resources that explain what placenta previa means to expectant moms and placenta previa questions to ask your doctor.