FREE Pregnancy Tickers and Baby Tickers

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the-pregnancy-countdown-book.jpgEarlier, when I posted about free pregnancy & baby stuff for expectant parents, someone asked about a good place to find pregnancy tickers or baby tickers.

I found quite a few.

These are the best baby tickers on the Net…


Fun Ways To Use Pregnancy & Baby Tickers

  •  You can create one in a matter of minutes.
  • You can use it as part of your signature line in e-mails that you send out.
  • You can use it in forums and message boards.
  • You can put one on your computer desktop.
  • You can incorporate one into your own website.


Make Your Own Baby Ticker

1. Alterna-Tickers — Very unique designs to choose from.

2. — 15 different styles available.

3. — 15 designs in 3 different “sets”. (NOTE: On the left, you’ll find lots of other similar calendars and tickers… for kids’ birthdays, trying to conceive, baby adoption day, and more.)

4. — as your pregnancy date approaches you’ll see the baby ticker grow and develop, matching your own baby’s development. Don’t miss all of the ‘related widgets’ in the sidebar!

5. — over 100 different designs to choose from.

6. TickerCentral.comlots to choose from. Many are highly customizable — even with your own photo.

7. Pregnancy Ticker — the most unusual ones are football, bowling, and handprints… in my opinion.

8. Baby’s First Site — they have free pregnancy and birthday tickers up to age 5. Choose a standard pregnancy ticker, or add a personalized photo (of your baby or your ultrasound).

9. eTicker — everything from trying to conceive tickers to fertility tickers, to pregnancy tickers and birthday tickers.

10. Nurtured Family — I like this one for it’s multiple features: baby’s expected date, number of weeks into the pregnancy, and a description of how your baby is developing at this many days. You just click to ‘read more’ right from the ticker.


Remember, you need to have ‘cookies enabled’ on your computer in order for these pregnancy baby tickers to work!


What If You’re Not The One Expecting?

my-boys-can-swim-book.jpg Here’s a think-outside-the-box way to use pregnancy and baby tickers when you’re NOT the one who’s pregnant!…

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, cousins, and friends can learn a lot of great info about the progress of someone else‘s developing baby by placing a baby ticker on your browser’s homepage, or on your website.

That’s right, just name the ticker something like ‘My sister is expecting!’ or ‘Watch Sarah’s baby grow’… or something that makes sense to you and your closest friends.

Fun, right?!

Now, you can keep everyone up-to-date about a very special baby in your life that will be born soon.


Another Fun Idea

belly-laughs-book-by-jenny-mccarthy.jpg Add some free baby dust on your site or in your email.

These are fun (and free!) ‘blinkies’ — glittery flashy baby news & announcements that you can share online.

They are typically used to announce that you are trying to conceive or have been through various stages of fertility treatments or loss.

Blinkies make it easy for people to find others who are going through the same or similar situations with regard to various pregnancy issues.