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Best Baby Shower Gifts: A First Time Mom’s Favorite Baby Gifts Under $50

A friend asked me for a list of the best baby shower gifts under $50 for her expecting friend. Here are 20 or so baby gifts that I actually received as a new mom, and I use each one of them! I feel these are not only useful, but thoughtful — because every time I use the item, I think of the person who gifted it to us.


Labor & Delivery

Inducing Labor Naturally – Here’s How To Do It Yourself

A look at some of the methods of inducing labor naturally. We dispel some of the old wives tales from those methods that are truly the most effective. See how to stimulate the production of certain hormones in your body in order to encourage labor yourself. These are the best natural ways to induce labor on your own.


During Your Pregnancy


After Your Baby Is Born

70 Breastfeeding Myths Debunked – All Of Your Breastfeeding Questions Answered Here!

Sometimes it’s hard to separate all of the silly breastfeeding myths from the tried and true facts about breastfeeding. Here are 70 common breastfeeding myths that many women believe. A list of breastfeeding inaccuracies that you can quit worrying about as a new mom. Plus, breastfeeding tips to make the process of breastfeeding your baby even easier!


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