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Mom & Toddler Review The Little Partners Learning Tower (Pros & Cons Of This Solid Wood Learning Tower)

My toddler likes to be nearby (and sometimes participate) when I'm working in the kitchen. But I didn't feel comfortable using just a chair for him to stand on to reach the countertop. Then I discovered the Little Partners learning tower! It's like a ladder for toddlers to get higher & closer to the action -- while standing safely on a non-skid, solid wood, sturdy surface.

A List Of Places To Donate Used Baby Blankets In The U.S. + Fun Ways To Repurpose Baby Blankets In Your Home

Wondering what to do with all of your used baby items (like all of those super-soft used baby blankets) when your baby is no longer a baby? I counted nearly 20 baby blankets in my son's closet... he's now 2 years old! I wanted to donate them to a special cause. Here's my experience donating baby blankets to charity, a list of where to donate used baby blankets, and some fun ways to repurpose baby blankets and reuse them around the house!

A Hip Seat Carrier Is A Simple Solution For Carrying A Toddler Who Likes To Walk But Sometimes Needs To Be Carried

At 2-1/2 years old and 35 pounds, my son is quite heavy for me to carry. Even though he can walk on his own, my husband or I usually need to scoop him up and carry him at some point whenever we're out & about. I'm so glad I discovered this toddler hip seat carrier -- it puts an end to muscle fatigue and backaches from carrying a heavy toddler!

Nilo Activity Table Review: See Why This Mom Chose The Nilo Table As The Best Kids Activity Table For Toddlers

An activity table is a great way to get up off the floor while playing. I wanted an activity table that would last a long time, grow with my son, have multi-functional use, and be durable (not made of pressboard, laminate, or plastic). I was really happy to discover the Nilo table! The Nilo activity table is a really thoughtful and well-made multi-activity play table. Here is my review...

Mom & Baby Review The Fisher Price Crawl Around Car With 3 ‘Smart Stages’ Levels Of Play

My baby really likes his Fisher Price Crawl Around Car! It keeps him busy for 15-20 minute intervals at a time. As a full time work at home mom, having your baby distracted for even a few minutes of “baby free time” always feels like a win! This is a Smart Stages Crawl Around Car with 3 different levels of activity that will grow with your baby. See our video review -- including our favorite features on the Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Crawl Around Car (and 1 negative).

Our Elimination Communication Potty Training Update: The Pros & Cons Of Practicing EC & How It’s Working For Us

I've been practicing Elimination Communication potty training (with a diaper backup) since my baby was 13 weeks of age. In 1 month he will be a year old, and we are still committed to becoming diaper free. I've learned a few things about EC since I first started it -- so I thought I'd share the following with others who are considering it: How I'm encouraging my baby to go potty at specific times, What my baby's potty signals are, What my baby's diaper-free times are like, The benefits of EC and why I'm sticking with it, The challenges of EC and how I'm working through them.