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Preparing For Labor

The average cost of having a baby is $8.000-$12,000. The cost of raising a baby the first 2 years is $12,500-$27,000. That's $500-$1000 a month (...a car payment!) See how those numbers break down.

First pregnancy? Wondering what contractions feel like and when they should start? How to tell true labor contractions from false labor & Braxton Hicks contractions.

5 pediatrician-recommended ways to re-create the feeling of being in the womb during baby's first 3 months of life. Your baby was content for 9 months inside the womb and now must learn to transition to the real world.

We were faced with the dilemma of getting newborn vaccines in the hospital after delivery. And the CDC's immunization schedule recommends 6 vaccinations at 2 months. I've done my research and decided to follow an alternative vaccine schedule instead. See why. Are you following a delayed vaccine schedule too?

Having a high risk pregnancy doesn’t mean something bad is going to happen. It just means 1 or more high risk pregnancy factors exist. What you can expect.

Super advice from a mom to help you when you're preparing for labor. The top 4 things she recommends doing early + tips to help you do them quickly & easily

The more you understand about the birthing process and the steps that you go through in labor, the more you will know ahead of time what to expect and you won't fear it so much. Here's what you need to know about the stages of labor.

Have you heard about cord blood banking? Not sure if you really need to do it or not? There are both pros and cons to cord blood banking. They are highlighted here.

If you're pregnant and trying to make a decision regarding unattended home births, here are some facts that you'll want to see first.