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After months of playing with VTech playsets & cars with my son, others might benefit from my thoughts about the VTech Go Go Smart Wheels collection. I still ask myself if VTech Go Go Smart Wheels cars and playsets are worth it.

As the mom of a toddler, I have a few clever tricks for child-proofing your home. See my favorite child proof products to protect a curious toddler from drawers, cabinets, doors, refrigerators, toilets, trash cans, and more.

Placenta Encapsulation Benefits: Eating placenta isn't for everyone. How and why I consumed my placenta (in the form of capsules) after the birth of my son.

Pros & Cons of the Little Partners learning tower - a ladder for toddlers to get higher & closer to the action while standing safely on a sturdy surface.

If your baby doesn't like to nap (like mine), a Fisher Price baby swing will restore your sanity! See why I like this Fisher Price swing so much.

Have you been trying to get pregnant but haven't been able to? You are not alone. This video provides some some great tips on getting pregnant faster by focusing on simple things you can do to boost your fertility.

If your baby isn't sleeping through the night yet, and you've got the bags under your eyes to prove it, it may be time to change your strategy. This video provides tips to help baby sleep through the entire night!

This video shows what could happen to your baby if you drink alcohol when you're pregnant. These are the signs and symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome.

This video shows what you need to know if you're going to be traveling while you are pregnant. Great tips here!