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A huge list of free baby stuff that new parents can receive (at no charge) just for asking! I do my best to keep this list of free stuff for moms updated.

The baby shower diaper wreath is a great gift idea! I made one - it's SO easy. Here's how to make a baby shower wreath using disposable diapers.

Fun ways to disguise your pregnant belly and enjoy Halloween with everyone else. Lots of pregnant Halloween costumes - some you can make, some you can buy!

They're called pew babies, church dolls, angel babies, prayer dolls, handkerchief dolls, and hanky dolls. Here's a simple handkerchief doll tutorial for you

Pregnant Halloween costume ideas. photo by Editor B on Flickr

If you're pregnant and looking for a fun Halloween costume this year, rest assured there are lots of maternity Halloween costumes to choose from! Plus, there are plenty of costumes you can make yourself:

Here's a collection of all the best tips for creating a pregnancy scrapbook, a pregnancy journal, or even a pregnancy video to document the days when you were pregnant. By saving your personal thoughts & experiences in one place, you'll have a treasured keepsake for both you and your child!

Sponsor a military mom-to-be by helping her share highlights of her pregnancy with her partner, a military dad-to-be overseas. The Digi Time Capsule a fun way that we can all help new military parents-to-be.

There are lots of creative things you can do with your baby's ultrasound pictures that will help you to preserve this wonderful memory of your pregnancy and your baby's first photo. Here are 9 fun ideas.

Find out who determines the height and weight of your baby - the mother or the father.