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Ultrasound Pictures: 9 Fun Things To Do With Your Baby’s Ultrasound Picture

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By Regina

ultrasound-pictures-by-Stephen-Cummings.jpg So you’ve just been to the doctor, and you’ve got those cute little ultrasound pictures which are going to be cool for you to share with your friends and family.

But what else can you do with them?

Actually, there are lots of creative things you can do with your baby’s ultrasound pictures that will help you to preserve this wonderful memory of your pregnancy and your baby’s first photo.

Following are 9 fun things you can do with your ultrasound pictures…


#1 Sit down with your friends and see who can figure out the sex of the baby first — from your ultrasound pictures alone. This is a great way to include your friends in your pregnancy. It’s also a fun way to share in the excitement of learning whether the baby is a boy or girl.


#2 Add your baby’s ultrasound pictures to a scrapbook — either your pregnancy scrapbook or baby’s first scrapbook. This is another great way to preserve the memory of when you first saw your baby, and your child when she is grown will appreciate it too!


#3 Use your printer scanner and make copies of one baby ultrasound picture to send to everyone — like your parents, brothers, sisters, and in-laws. It’s also a fun way to announce your pregnancy to those who live far away or may not know yet. What a nice way to say, we’re adding a new addition to the family than by sharing your first glimpse of your baby? You could also scan and e-mail your ultrasound pictures.


#4 Find websites that cater to moms-to-be and post your ultrasound pictures online. This is a nice way to open a dialogue with other mothers and share your experiences of both the ultrasound and being pregnant. It’s also a good way to find some supportive people who are in the same boat as you, and to make new friends.


baby-ultrasound-photo-by-Augie-Schwer.jpg #5 Create a digital scrapbook page using your ultrasound pictures. It’s a creative way to share your ultrasound pictures with friends and family online. And it’s also a fun way to preserve your baby’s first photos. This is a little different than just sharing copies of the ultrasound picture or even putting together a full scrapbook because you can choose to just just this one digital page about your trip to the doctor to get your ultrasound. Oh, and it’s a cost-effective way to share your ultrasound pictures with others and leaves little to no carbon footprint!


#6 Make baby shower invitations using an ultrasound picture. Everyone who receives it will feel special and just as excited as you were when you saw your ultrasound pictures for the very first time.


#7 Frame an ultrasound picture. There are picture frames that are made especially for this purpose. You can hang the ultrasound picture in your baby’s nursery, and then pass it on to them after they are grown. After all, this is your baby’s very first picture so it makes sense to preserve it in a very special way!

#8 Create a video after your baby is a few months old and feature pictures of the different stages of your pregnancy — including the ultrasound pictures. Here are some examples:

This video might just be for your records, or you could post this to your website or on YouTube for your friends and family to see.

#9 Instead of sharing pictures from your ultrasound with others, you could instead videotape the actual monitor as the ultrasound is being performed. Then upload that video to your website, to YouTube, or just watch it with friends and family in the privacy of your own home. What’s great about this option is the fact that everyone gets to hear the doctor explain what they’re seeing, and your expressions and questions are audible as well.