5 Fun Tricks To Make Your Baby Kick When You’re Pregnant

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The fun part of pregnancy is undoubtedly feeling your baby kick. Wham!

here are some tricks to get your baby kicking so you can share it with your friends and family

It makes even the most unpleasant pregnancy side effects fade away.

Here are a few safe and proven ways to make your baby kick, so your husband or kids can feel it, too!…

I’m not talking about those very first baby kicks — also known as quickening.

When you reach the 3rd trimester, those baby kicks are for real. You may even see a foot or arm push the fabric of your shirt up!

In this video, you can see some really big baby kicks:


How To Make Your Baby Kick

You’ve probably felt (and seen) your baby moving several times.

But it can be frustrating when your husband or children want to feel the baby kick, too… and the baby won’t move for anything!

here are some ways to get your baby kicking 

Some gentle tricks I use to get a response from the baby:

  1. Change position, especially lying on my back or belly briefly.
  2. Eat something sweet, then wait a few minutes.
  3. Listen to music, my son never kicked harder than when the organ played at church!
  4. Press on one side of my belly, and see if the baby presses back.
  5. Drink an icy cold glass of water to wake him up!

Here’s a fun read about pregnant women who don’t like the feeling of baby movements!


When Does A Baby Start Kicking?

Wondering how often you should feel the baby kicking or shifting… and if it matters?

I never knew this, but it does matter. Fetal kick counts are helpful in determining your baby’s health and development.

Most babies start moving around at 7 or 8 weeks — and if you’ve had an ultrasound, you’ve probably already witnessed these minor movements.

You should feel your baby kicking for the first time between 16 and 25 weeks of pregnancy. (In your second pregnancy, you’re likely to feel kicking as early as 13 weeks!)

Don’t worry if you’re past 24 weeks and not yet feeling fetal movement. Every pregnancy is different, and as long as your doctor is hearing normal heart sounds at your regular appointments, you shouldn’t worry.  ~Babble

Fetal kicks are important because a change in your baby’s movement in the third trimester is often the earliest sign of distress — and a reason to see your doctor.

In your 3rd trimester, your baby should move at least 10 times in 2 hours.

Here’s what to do if you don’t feel your baby moving very much.


A Baby Kick Counter Tracks Your Baby’s Kicks

It’s helpful — and fun — to monitor your baby kicking during pregnancy.

Here’s how to track fetal kick counts, plus some tips for counting fetal kicks.

You might want to use an app to track the kicking — it could actually save your baby’s life!

In this video, you can see what it looks like when a baby kicks while you’re sunning in a bikini at the beach:



I'm a wife, mom of 4, and resident of Brentwood, Tennessee. I love finding fun new things for my family to see and do in Brentwood and the Nashville area! In addition to writing about Brentwood, I also spent a year blogging at The Fun Times Guide about my pregnancy with baby #3.

52 thoughts on “5 Fun Tricks To Make Your Baby Kick When You’re Pregnant



  3. im 37 wks my baby moves like cr8 but my doctor want me to keep up wit how many time it move frm da time i get up til da time i go to sleep dat impossible fa me to do HOW DO I DO DAT SOME1 HELP ME

    1. just write it down, maybe not everytime but once u’ve written it 10 times in the 2 hours then u can stop. hope this helps!

  4. I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and my baby moves alot but it seems everytime my husband puts his hand on my stomach the baby just relaxes and doesnt move except maybe once every other week or so lol its crazy

  5. It is absolutely fine. I am now 24 weeks and definitely feeling the baby kick. I did not feel it previous to this, but now even my fiance can feel it its great! Don’t worry as long as the heartbeat is present at the checkups everything is ok 🙂


  7. im 36 weeks n mi baby moves as if she is kumin threw mi skin its like dang …n I stop eatn sweets but I guess its not that wat should I do I wonder is she goin to b a busy body?

  8. I’m only 5 months && mybaby moves like crazy when the his dad touch my tummy && when I talk to him or try to make him move for other plp he won’t move why is that ?

    1. probably because he is used to dads sounds, however other people take his attention and he’s concentrating. like when a new person talks to a newborn, they stay still and are fascinated.

  9. im 31 weeks and ive felt my baby more, but the last couple of week there not as strong or intense, lik i stil feel it move, i dnt think i feel it 10 times in 2 hours tho sud i b worried

  10. Another fun one is taking a flashlight, and pressing it against different areas around the tummy to get reaction out of baby… Now she just moves constantly at 33 weeks I swear I can just look at my belly and she moves… but when it was a little less frequent, that was a fun one… she would noticeably shy away from the light when I shined in the right spots.. doesn’t hurt her eyes but she can see the light thru her eyelids and the strange new sensation causes her to move 🙂 funny!! especially after we found out where her head was and the rest of her so we could tel more what she was really doing..

  11. People your grammar is awful! I hope you don’t talk the way you spell or your child will never know proper english lol…. It actually isn’t funny. How can you teach your baby the right way to speak or spell if you don’t know how to yourself?

    1. there is something call…. broken language! most people does it!= and they can spell and read properly!!!!!!

    2. That’s pretty rude and it is also very arrogant of you. Most people don’t talk the in the same manner as they do when they post comments on social networking sites such as this. I am sure you are some sort of english major, or perhaps you feel like being a grammer nazi compensates for something in an area you lack. Congratulations to all you new mommy’s and to all you having your second, third, or so on. Feeling your baby kick is an amazing feeling. I know I personally love it.

    3. I’m pretty shore lol’s not good grammar ether and no one talks like your supposed to write you would sound stupid

    4. your a bitch. Leave people alone! Did I spell anything wrong? No, so get a life and let people be happy about their babies. Stfu.

  12. is it normal to feel my baby moving at the top of my belly at 23 weeks? he is really squirming alot lol

  13. im 22 weeks and my baby moves and squirms usually when im alone. i think i felt baby hhiccuping for the first time today <3 it felt wierd   (:

  14. You know what hurts really badddd. When my son kicks me in my rib cage. I have a rib i broke when i was younger and it sticks farther into my body and he likes to put his feet between it and rub his knees on it. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and the kicks and rolls are getting pretty uncomfortable. he’s also a huge baby, 6.5 pounds at 33 weeks! Im ready to pop and am done with all night hiccups from my little one that keep me awake because they make my whole body move.. Time to come out baby boy!!

  15. Im 31 weeks and i could be sitting up or laying down and my baby could be kicking or moving i hate it when i tell my baby daddy to see my bellly move but then she decides not to move >.<

  16. my fiance is 22 weeks pregnant and we always feel our soon to be son cameron kick, but today we felt him kick around 6:45 and it was jz a small kick she has’nt felt a kick since that time. im worried. but should i be i’ve been looking around at post and etc. they said baby is sleeping 12-14 hrs a day and so on. plz help me ease my worries and sleep better.

  17. I haven’t felt my baby move at all for 3 days now. And I’m 21 weeks & 5days already.
    Someone please help me /:
    On the other hand I did feel something moving they are so hard to tell cause it’s not a strong movement.

    1. You should call your doctor and go to labor an delivery
      I dont even wait days i wait hours haha but your only 22 weeks an I’m 29 so i think my baby is a little more active at this stage anyway hope everything is okay but i would really consider a trip to the L&D last time i went when my baby wasn’t really movin an right when they hooked me up he kicked SOO hard

    2. Hi im Tiereney and i am 21 weeks to and i haven’t felt any thing yet and i also need help on that to and im kind of worrie about that and i feel moving just like you said you feeling but its not strong movements

  18. im 26 weeks and 5 days almost 27 weeks and well bubs doesn’t move much at all that I notice but ive been having really but cramping pains and more at night when im trying to sleep, does that mean theres somthign wrong

  19. Im 23w an he kicks up a storm.. he kicks more then ten times in two hours when its just me but he know when its someone else bc he wont kick at all.. he already moves my belly and I see his feet all the time but he is very long tho like his daddy.. when I take a warm bath I watch him go across my belly all the time.. so why does he hide from everyone else?

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  21. Am 22 weeks now and it feels so good …he kicks many times a day i thnk he is playing soccer in here since its a boy

  22. Im 31 weeks and my son moves when he wants its more then 10 times but its like he knows when im tryin to get him to move & his movements are also lighter then my girls were

  23. I’m 19 weeks into my first pregnancy and started freaking out because they both started kicking today, one of the boys kicked my bf in the head when he was listening lol

  24. I’m 40 weeks and all she does is push and move can’t get her to kick for the life of me she just wants to push on my belly all the time but the doctors say her heart rate and growth are perfect Idk what to do.

  25. My baby kicks me 1 time like he’s freaking out or something when my back pops . He kicks at the exact moment my back pops. What does this mean ? Should I be worried ?

  26. ‘m in my 8th month and if I want baby girl to move I drum a rhythm on my belly with my hands 🙂 was drumming along to a song one day and realized it got her going

  27. I’m 30 weeks, and my son’s new favorite thing is to push up against my stomach and leave it there. So uncomfortable, but so cool.

  28. i’m 23weeks and he does not kick as much as he used to in the beginning but my doctor says there’s nothing wrong him. so i’m worried and I miss those kicks a lot,

  29. I’m 30 weeks and my baby boy kicks all the time mainly on my sides… It feels like he sits low, I dont feel him in my rib cage at all

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