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10 Fun Ways To Make A Creative Pregnancy Announcement

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By Regina

baby-on-board-cake-by-charleebrown.jpgThe day has finally come, your pregnancy test was positive, you’ve double-checked with your doctor and you really are pregnant!

Now you’re wondering how to let everyone know.

Well, there are several fun, creative ways you can let your husband, friends and family know that you are going to be adding a new baby to the family.

Here are some interesting ways to announce that you are pregnant…

#1  Visit your parent’s house (or you husband’s parent’s house) with your video camera in hand.

Then go all around the house taping different parts of the house and the goings on, tell them you are testing the camera to be sure it is working. At some point turn the camera on your parents or in-laws and when you have them both in the frame, announce your pregnancy. You will have their true reaction on record for years to come for both you and your child.

#2  Place a sign in your car that says something like “Baby on Board!”

Then when you go to visit your friends or family wait to see their reactions, I guarantee they will notice.

#3  Put baby gifts on your wish list.

If it’s around the holidays that you discover you’re pregnant, one creative way to let your friends and family know is when they ask you what you want for Christmas ask for baby things. We often exchange wish lists this time of year, and this is a wonderful way to clue everyone in.

#4  For “movie night,” rent movies about babies.

Do you get together with your girlfriends for movie nights? If you do, one way you can announce your pregnancy is to rent movies about babies such as Nine Months, and Junior to name a few.

#5  Wrap up some baby booties.

Haven’t told your husband or partner yet? Get  a little pair of baby booties, then wrap them in regular gift paper and give it to him as a gift. Trust me he’ll figure it out!

#6  Make your own CD.

Create a CD with lullabies and then after the first song, record an announcement about the upcoming baby. Make sure you label the CD with something like “listen to this carefully” so your friends and family know it’s important.

#7  Replace key items in your house.

Prepare coffee or tea for you and your friend, family member or husband and then ask them to get the milk from the refrigerator. Put a breast pump or a can of formula in place of the milk in the fridge and watch for their reaction.

#8  Send the picture of your sonogram in a cute little card to everyone.

Sending it via snail mail makes a wonderful gift for those you love and want to share your great news with.

#9  Say it on a T-shirt.

Arrive at a family gathering wearing one of those T-shirts that has an arrow pointing down and says “a bun in the oven” or some other creative saying.

#10  Leave subtle clues.

Purchase some baby items at the dollar store like a bib, a rattle, baby booties — that sort of thing. Then, leave one item a day lying around the house where your husband or partner will see it. Hopefully he’ll figure it out, if not get a cute stuffed animal and have it sitting at the dinner table with a sign that says “Hi, Daddy!” or something similar.

These are just a few of the many wonderful and creative ways you can announce your pregnancy to your partner, family and friends. There are many many more… feel free to share yours in the Comments below!

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