8 Great Gifts For The Mom-To-Be

fun-pregnancy-gift-by-lay-c-dot-com.jpg Do you have a friend or relative who is pregnant this holiday season?

While I don’t this year, I have had this experience and I know that it can be difficult trying to figure out what to get her — especially since you may not know what everyone else has already gotten her.

The first thing to do (if you can) is find out what others are getting her or have already given her, so that you don’t duplicate what someone else has already done.

Here are some great gift ideas for the mom-to-be…


1. A pregnancy pampering kit.

For example, the Mama Mio BBB kit contains Tummy Rub, Boob Tube, and Wonder-Full Balm that is all made to soothe stretched skin.

Here are two other fun pregnancy kits:

Food made by someone else.

Being pregnant takes a lot out of a gal, and sometimes she just isn’t going to feel like cooking. There are many food delivery services available online so consider purchasing a month or two of pre-made food to be delivered to your mom-to-be’s door. She’ll thank you for it!
3. A digital camera.

Your mom-to-be will then be armed and ready for when the baby is born. Who doesn’t take tons of pictures of their newborn?

Also, if she is a scrapbooker and wants pictures of the different stages of her pregnancy, this is another reason a digital camera makes a great gift.
4. A rocking chair.

Rockers are cool (and helpful) even if you aren’t expecting a baby. So, trust me, any new mom-to-be is going to love you if you get her a rocker!

5. Attractive maternity clothes.

No pregnant woman wants to feel frumpy. But not all pregnant women are going to have the extra dollars to purchase clothes that make them feel attractive, so modern maternity clothes can be a really great gift!
6. A full body pillow.

Sometimes when you’re pregnant, finding just the right position suddenly becomes impossible, and this can make it difficult to fall asleep. However, a full body pillow can really improve the mother-to-be’s ability to get enough sleep. It’s a great gift.
7. A nursing cover.

When your mom-to-be finally has her baby (and if she decides to nurse as many women do these days), providing her with a stylish nursing cover that will make it much easier for her to feed her baby in public really helps.
8. An e-book reader.

E-book readers are a great gift for moms-to-be because they are easy to carry around. Plus, they can even store several books at a time. You could also include several books by the mom-to-be’s favorite authors. Or, put a pregnancy book or two on it, if you wanted to personalize the gift even more.


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