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Moles & Skin Tags Growing During Pregnancy

moles-and-skin-tags-growing-during-pregnancy.jpg My fair skin inherited the tendency to grow moles.

When I got pregnant, a few of my existing moles started getting bigger…and bigger!

What was happening?  Did I have some kind of pregnancy skin cancer?

And what about those strange skin tags under my arm?

I headed straight for the dermatologist.

Here’s what he said…


Is It Cancer?

He checked my skin for signs of cancer.

Then he told me not to worry.


Skin Problems During Pregnancy

The truth is pregnancy causes all kinds of crazy hormone surges, and enlargement or growth of moles can be a result.

The same pregnancy hormones cause other skin darkening pregnancy symptoms, like linea negra and melasma or “the mask of pregnancy“.

The March of Dimes provides a good guide to skin changes during pregnancy.

What To Look For…

In fact, my dermatologist advised me not to remove these moles until I was done having children.  He said there is always a chance that they would grow back.

If you have moles that look irregular or discolored, please have a dermatologist check them out — just in case.

Here’s a chart with changes to look for:


What About Skin Tags?

My third pregnancy caused a related problem: skin tags.  They’re a harmless growth of tissue common in pregnant or overweight women, particularly in areas with friction — like under the arm or between the legs.

Unlike my moles, these skin tags are light brown to skin-colored.

Can I get a collective yuck?!?

This part of pregnancy isn’t so fun, but at least it’s nothing to worry about.

Here’s how dermatologists remove moles and skin tags for cosmetic reasons.

You can bet my first postpartum appointment will be with the dermatologist, not the obstetrician!