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Top DIY & Storebought Halloween Costumes For A Pregnant Woman

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By Andrea

Halloween fun doesn’t have to end because you are pregnant.

If you wish, you can work with your pregnant belly to help create an awesome Halloween costume this year!


Following are some pregnancy and maternity Halloween costumes you may want to consider.

Many of these you can make yourself — all it would take is a couple of items that you probably have around the house already.

#1 – Mother Nature Costume

This costume can be created in a few different ways:

  • You can use a green dress or shirt (as shown in the photo) and add an image of the Earth to the front over the belly. Add flowers and makeup and you are done.
  • You can also take a more simple approach with flowering vines draped over a toga and a little sash that says “Mother Nature”.
  • Or, you could just purchase a Mother Nature costume.

#2 – The Pregnant Nun Costume

This is an irreverent and off-color costume.  If you wear this, you need to make sure the other people at your party have a good sense of humor and are not easily offended.  Chances are, you can pick up a nun costume and priest costume or Bishop costume at your local costume rental shop.


#3 – Santa Costume

If you want to keep the pregnancy low-key, a Santa Claus costume is a good way to do it.  Your pregnant belly will fill the costume and no one will know if it is real stuffing or not.  Costume shops have Santa Claus costumes regularly available.


#4 – A Shotgun Bride

This is a fun costume and quite easy to make.  All you need is a veil and a white dress.  (It also helps if you have an imposing looking man carrying a shotgun with you.)  Of course, you could also purchase a bride costume at the local costume shop or online.


#5 – Beer Belly Costume

The beer belly is also an easy costume to pull off when you’re pregnant. All you need is manly looking clothes — such as jeans and a flannel shirt — with a sleeveless undershirt, a short wig, a baseball cap and your pregnant belly.


Even More Pregnant Halloween Costumes

In addition to these fun and easy-to-find (or make yourself) costumes, here are some places to find other ideas for a pregnant Halloween costume: