8 Fun Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

pregnant-halloween-costume-by-SharonaGott.jpg Who says you can’t participate in Halloween festivities just because you’re pregnant?

No one, if they’re smart!

There are several fun Halloween costumes for pregnant women.

You might want to consider them if you’ll be dressing up for Halloween this year.

Some examples:

  • Bun in the oven. This one made me laugh because it’s for a couple, and the costume comes with a “bun” and a shirt for the daddy that says, “The Bun Maker!”

  • Witch. The cool thing about a witch costume is you can probably cobble together a few things around your house and then just purchase a witch’s hat and you’re set to go!

  • Pirate. Who doesn’t love lady pirates? After all historically there were a few, so you might consider checking into that to help put together a costume.

  • Flapper. Flapper dresses are traditionally a little loose anyway, so this can be a really cool, and attractive costume for the mother-to-be.

  • Beach ball. Okay, this one was my favorite! With some body paints and a bikini, you’re all set to go!

  • Pumpkin. Here’s where some orange and maybe green body paint can come in very handy.  Of course you may want to consider also using an old sweatshirt that you can cut a hole out of to show off your tummy!

  • Sports balls. This is similar to the beach ball idea. You’ll want something to show off your tummy if you go with the body paints idea, although you could also use an applique on a sweatshirt right over your tummy too!

  • Pea in a pod. Another favorite of mine since all you have to do really is dress head to toe in green! You can cut a slit down the front where you bump is and then use body paint to paint the little bit of your tummy that shows.


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