8 Signs That You May Be Pregnant

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Whether you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while or just a short time, being able to tell the symptoms of pregnancy is important.

Of course, some symptoms are more reliable than others for telling if you’re pregnant, but it still doesn’t hurt to know what all of the possible symptoms are.

There are about 25 common symptoms of pregnancy, with the 8 most common listed below.


Early Pregnancy Symptoms

If you’re exhibiting even a few of these symptoms, then you may be pregnant:

  • A missed period. This is usually one of the first signs that you may be pregnant, but not all women experience a missed period early on.
  • Feeling as though you are pregnant. Never underestimate your woman’s intuition. If you feel pregnant, you very well could be!
  • An abnormal period. This one is harder to define, but it can a period that lasts longer than normal or is shorter than normal, really any period that just doesn’t fit your norm.
  • Nausea and vomiting. This could be a sign of morning sickness.
  • Your libido changes. This can mean you have higher sex drive or a lower one, it depends on the woman.
  • Sore breasts. This is especially true in the first trimester, however, some women experience the same thing with prior to getting their period.
  • Oddball cravings. If you’re craving foods that you don’t normally crave (like pickles and ice cream), then you may be pregnant.
  • Being tired all the time. This is one of the most subtle clues that you’re pregnant.

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