The Average Cost Of Having A Baby + The Cost Of Raising A Baby For The First 2 Years [See How Much It REALLY Costs]

The total cost of having a baby in the first 2 years falls somewhere between $12,462 and $26,612. You can break this down to something like $500 to $1000 a month. Here’s a breakdown of the actual numbers… the cost to have a baby, plus the cost to raise a baby for the first 2 years.

10 Best New Dad Websites + 10 Best Books For Expectant Fathers

There’s a lot about how the expectant dad can help the mom-to-be through the pregnancy, but finding help for the dad himself isn’t quite as simple. Just like mothers-to-be, expectant fathers also need information, reassurance, and advice during the various stages of pregnancy. Following are some of the best online resources and books just for fathers-to-be.

Pros & Cons Of Using Fetal Dopplers & Heartbeat Monitors To Track Your Baby’s Growth At Home

Parents are using fetal heartbeat monitors and fetal dopplers so they can monitor their newborn at will. While you may have peace of mind that your baby is doing well, this new trend cannot be without its drawbacks. Following are the pros & cons of using a heartbeat monitors and fetal dopplers to monitor your baby at home.