7 Fun Things Dads-To-Be Can Do To Help Their Pregnant Wives Through The Pregnancy

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Your wife is pregnant. You might be wondering if you should continue life as usual, spoil her rotten, or hide until the baby is born!

Chances are, you will be doing a bit of each of these over the coming months.

Following are 7 fun things you can do to help your pregnant wife throughout the pregnancy.


As long as your heart is in it, these are guaranteed to be just as fun for you as they are for her!


#1  Give her foot rubs.

Don’t make her beg for a good foot rub every once in awhile.

The increased weight will take a toll on her feet.  Her shoes will become tight, and that will hurt her feet too.

Volunteer to give her foot rubs when you can see that her feet are sore and tired.

These tips might help: Foot Love: How To Give Foot Rubs, Massages and Pedicures


#2  Create fun distractions.

This will help to get her mind off the pregnancy from time to time.  Sometimes, a pregnant woman needs to do something other than think about the pregnancy.

Challenge her to play board games, and have friends over once a week or so for game night.

If you used to go out every weekend, finding a substitute such as this will make her feel as if she isn’t missing anything.


#3  Give her body massages.

Her skin will get tight and itchy as she experiences hormone changes and as her belly stretches.

Volunteer to give her calming massages to help soothe her skin and her nerves.

Here are some things to know about the pregnancy massage.


#4  Surprise her with items she craves.

After a month or so, you will know what kind of cravings she has.

Surprise her with those items without her having to ask for them.  Hopefully, it will be something that you like as well.

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#5  Play music and read to the baby in her belly.

During your quiet time together, play music for the baby in her tummy and read books.

She will appreciate your effort to bond with the baby early.

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#6  Take lots of pictures.

Not only will this help you both remember the pregnancy after the baby is born, but it’s also a fun way to document the baby’s growth.

Make it a goal to take a picture of her pregnant belly every week and keep an album filled with details about the baby growing.

Here are some pregnancy picture galleries.


pregnant-parents-happy-by-mahalie.jpg#7  Stay romantic.

Just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean she ceases to be a woman who needs romantic attention.

Continue to bring her flowers, and tell her she is beautiful.  You will be glad you did.

Here are a few romantic ideas: