How To Create A Pregnancy Journal, Pregnancy Scrapbook, Or Pregnancy Video

pregnancy-scrapbook-by-brungrrl.jpg Even if you’ve never scrapbooked before, it would still be fun to create a pregnancy scrapbook to document the details of your pregnancy. It’s not hard. It’s a unique way to save and share various aspects of your pregnancy.

If you don’t want to do everything yourself “from scratch,” then a pregnancy journal may be a better option for you. There are lots of different pregnancy journals to choose from these days — from online versions (which are easier to share with friends & relatives who don’t live near you, similar to a pregnancy/baby blog) to spiral- or hardcover books that have pre-printed pages and pockets for saving memorabilia (that will last a lifetime).

Whichever option you choose, storing everything about your pregnancy all in one place is a wonderful way to share with your child (when they are older) exactly what things were like when you were pregnant with them. Think of it as a treasured 9-month journey. Plus, it’s likely to become a keepsake that will be passed down through the generations.

Without a doubt, scrapbooking and journaling are wonderful ways to preserve special moments in your life. And what’s more special than bringing new life into this world?

Whether this is your first pregnancy, your last one, or somewhere in between, a pregnancy scrapbook or pregnancy journal will always be treasured by you and your child.

Here are some tips for getting started…


Pregnancy Journal / Scrapbook Tips

#1  Start as soon as you find out that you’re pregnant.
That way, you will have everything in one place — including something as unique and special as your feelings about discovering that you’re pregnant. If you and your partner have been trying to get pregnant for awhile, then getting started right away can give you the opportunity share each and every moment along the way, as it’s happening. Besides, it’s easy to forget some of the details of your pregnancy, if you wait too long to get started.

#2 Take lots of pictures as you progress through your pregnancy.
A pregnancy scrapbook is nothing without lots of photos showing your growing belly! It’s best to get into the habit of carrying your digital camera around everywhere you go. And don’t shy away from having people take pictures of you sometimes as well! Be sure to include your ultrasound pictures in your pregnancy scrapbook too, as well as photos of you and your partner decorating the nursery. Don’t forget to take pictures (or have someone else take pictures) at your baby shower. Including them will show some of the people who were closest to you at the time, the type of gifts you received, and the fun things everyone said and did at the party.

#3  Write down everything!
This is the heart of your pregnancy journal. Be sure to include all the little details — from the first morning you got sick, to the first time you felt your baby kick in the womb. And be completely honest when you’re writing about your experiences. This means sharing not only the pleasant aspects of being pregnant (such as the first time you heard your baby’s heartbeat), but also the unpleasant ones too (such as the morning sickness). Be sure to include anything that took a little preparation — from planning the pregnancy, to choosing a name, preparing the nursery, and celebrating at the baby shower. And don’t skip the actual labor and baby’s first days at home. Your personal notes will become special moments when you read them with loved ones later on. Plus, you will be giving your child a permanent record of everything that happened as it went down — which is something they will love you for, forever.

#4  Save everything!
Even if it’s just lists and ideas you’ve had along the way, save things that illustrate your thoughts and actions while pregnant. Memorabilia comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t even have to be something that’s traditionally associated with being pregnant. For example, a napkin from the local pizza place might be where you started to jot down possible baby names! Or, an empty food wrapper might signify those late-night cravings you always had. Also, be sure to save some of the wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows from your baby shower. You can use these as background paper in your pregnancy scrapbook or as fun decorations for the margins of your pregnancy journal.

Here are some tips for what types of things to include:

Where To Buy A Pregnancy Journal

With hardbound or spiral pregnancy journals, the degree of personalization varies from album to album.

Some primarily include lots of pre-printed pages with specific fill-in-the-blank areas for you to jot down your “answers” (what you were experiencing on that day, at that time).

Others include a good mix of pre-printed pages with largely blank pages (so you can share more details about your personal experiences).

Still others provide mostly blank pages and large spaces for journaling and storing other memorabilia (the ultimate in customized & personalized pregnancy journals).

You’re sure to find one that best suites your needs here:


Where To Create An Online Pregnancy Journal Or Scrapbook:


Other Ideas: Pregnancy Video Journals & Time Capsules

Creating a pregnancy journal or a pregnancy scrapbook is one of the easiest and most fun ways to document your pregnancy. Plus, if you happen to be bedridden during your pregnancy, detailing your pregnancy is one of the best ways to use up some of that creative energy you have while waiting for your little one to arrive!

If you’re thinking journal books and albums are so old skool, there are a couple of other ways to create fun pregnancy journals that are a bit more hi-tech.

For example, you could create a digital time capsule about your pregnancy. (Save $10 here.) And you like the idea of a digital time capsule and you’re a military mom, check out the pregnancy time capsule.

You could also create a pregnancy video that documents your entire pregnancy! This would be fun to share with others online, or save onto a CD and play it on a computer or television set wherever you go.

A pregnancy video would last a lifetime and can be created using any of these free programs: Animoto, YouTube, Animoto, RockYou, PhotoSnack SmileBox. (Psst… just don’t make any of these photo slideshow mistakes.) NOTE: Some may charge to create longer length videos.

Here’s a great example of a pregnancy video journal: