How To Start A Pregnancy Blog Or Baby Blog

starting-a-baby-blog-best-way-to-record-pregnancy-journal-ultrasound-photos.jpg You’re only a couple of months pregnant, but you already have a journal full of memories (and a pile of photos to scrapbook)!

Documenting this birth is gonna get overwhelming — FAST.

Why not start a pregnancy and baby blog?  It’s easy, cheap, and paper-free.

Here’s how you can start your baby’s blog in less than 1 hour…

Trust me — once you get the hang of blogging, you’ll be kissing those piles goodbye!

Blogging is SO much easier than scrapbooking!

And the digital product lasts forever.

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Starting A Baby Blog

Begin by choosing which FREE blogging service you’ll use.  I recommend Blogger or WordPress.

When you sign up, you’ll choose a permanent web address.  Make it something easy to remember, because there will be a or tacked onto the end.

If you’d like to buy your baby’s unique domain name, use a domain registrar like  Sidestep the hosting plan, and have your domain ( forwarded to your blog address ( instead.


Designing Your Baby Blog


Now that you’re registered, the decorating fun begins!  Both WordPress and Blogger give you a choice of backgrounds.  Customize the colors and fonts.

If you don’t like what you see, choose the plain white background.  You’ll be adding lots of color with baby photos!  Both services will shrink a selected photo for the header, too.


Thinking About Privacy

Before you write your first post, you need to make some privacy policies.  Both WordPress and Blogger let you set a blog to “private” — meaning only you and the people you invite can see it.

If you keep your baby blog public, then you’ll want to decide on a few key issues:

  • Will we use the baby’s real name or an initial?  How about the last name?
  • Will we mention specific city or neighborhood locations?
  • Will we set limits on the photos — like never showing baby in the bathtub?


How To Write Your Baby Blog

Just like a journal, your entries will be shown in chronological order.

Your first post can pick up whenever you want — you can even back date posts to record the very beginning!  A short introduction about your family is great.

Photos make the baby blog!  In fact, some baby blogs are just that–photos, with minimal text.

Both Blogger and WordPress let you upload photos directly from your computer to the blog.  If both families check often, you can save a fortune on professional printing.


Here are some good photo ideas for your baby blog:

  • You and your partner on the vacation that started it all
  • The positive pregnancy test
  • A scanned image of your first ultrasound
  • Progressive “baby belly” shots


Live Blogging Labor?!

Don’t laugh — some bloggers have done it!  From what I hear, their faraway families have been glued to the screen for updates all day long.  You’ll need to make sure your hospital has Wi-Fi, though!

Even if you don’t live blog labor, your baby blog is the best, fastest place to show off your new baby to the world.


The Bottom Line…

Whatever you decide to include on your baby blog is completely up to you.

Who knows — if you find that you enjoy the blogging process, then your blog will continue to grow and it might even become a money-making side business for you!

If you decide that you want to blog for the purpose of helping other moms and/or making money, be sure to read our best tips for starting a blog.