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Being on bed rest while you're pregnant can be one of the most frustrating things... ever! Finding things to do from bed can be challenging, but it's not impossible to find things that will help to pass the time and let you maintain your sanity as well. Here are some ideas for for passing the time on pregnancy bed rest.

If you're expecting a baby, then you'll probably want to track your pregnancy with free baby tickers & pregnancy widgets. There's lots of fun and a great way to keep everyone posted on the baby's growth.

What's the best way to preserve pregnancy memories? Have you thought about starting a baby blog? Here's my best advice for starting a baby blog or online journal... for the world, or just friends and family.

Most of the sites featured here focus on couples who are dealing with infertility issues, and women telling their very personal stories about about the wide range of emotions they've experienced throughout the process.


A pregnancy journal in the form of a Blog ...from a guy's perspective. Mike -- about to become a father for the first time -- created this Blog as a place to document his personal thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams...