Love Lori: A New Father-To-Be Blogs About Pregnancy

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Love-Lori-blogCheck it out…

A pregnancy journal — in the form of a blog — from the dad’s perspective!

Mike, about to become a father for the first time, created this blog as a place to document his personal thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams for his child, his wife, and their new little family.

The kicker: He started writing it last summer, and posting daily on the Web for all to see …EXCEPT his wife!

You see, this blog is a surprise gift to her that he plans to unveil upon the arrival of their child.

What a great gift, right?!

An entire 9 months worth of very candid journaling.

A blog filled with his own words about his wife’s pregnancy!


In Mike’s own words:

This blog is a gift for my wife chronicling my thoughts and emotions about our first child’s imminent arrival, and will be my gift to her upon our babies birth. It is my way of keeping the stress of the situation that I feel from her while still being able to communicate it to her, just at a later date.


View the site yourself: Love Lori


See why Mike wants to unveil the site to Lori on the Ellen Show.


UPDATE: Baby Gavin was born on March 29, 2005! On April 4th, Mike told Lori about the site and they went through it together — from day one. Check it out for newborn baby pictures, but then head over to their new blog: My Love Actually. It’s a chronicle of their lives as a family of 3 now.