Infertility Blogs: People In Pursuit Of Becoming Pregnant Put A Unique Spin On Things

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Here’s a collection of very unique blogs where the primary topic is “infertility”.

Most of the sites featured here focus on couples who are dealing with infertility issues, and women telling their very personal stories about about the wide range of emotions they’ve experienced throughout the process.

Trust me, it’s not as depressing as it might sound. Most of these folks have a great sense of humor!

IVF insemination day

Through these websites, perhaps others who are struggling to get pregnant may find support, words of advice, personal suggestions and other timely tidbits.


Finally, most of these sites also feature a growing list of other websites dealing with issues of conception and infertility. I would encourage you to check ’em out.

Above, I have simply pulled out a handful of sites that tend to stick primarily to the topic, AND they have continued to plug forward in their pursuit of pregnancy — despite the many ups and downs.