Creative Comebacks… What To Say When Someone Asks, Are You Pregnant?

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This is something that Jim and I joke about all the time — whether or not so-and-so is pregnant & whether or not to ask them (or their friends) when they’re due.

Thus far, we have always used our better judgment, kept it to ourselves, and left it to them to break the news to us (in the event that there was news).

But, unfortunately, not everyone does this.

What you need to know before you touch my pregnant belly...

This actually happened to me recently…
A co-worker (who doesn’t know me very well) said she heard I was pregnant. Yeah, right. Blah, blah, blah. The fact is, I’m filling out my clothes better than ever these days and, for some reason, you feel compelled to point that out to me!

Why thank you.

Trust me when I say… since I’m not pregnant, this made for a very awkward situation.

Especially since I’ve personally been struggling with my inability to shed a few extra pounds as of late. In and of themselves, those couple of pounds are not enough to make me look pregnant (…yet). However, I guess that, combined with my new “untucked” style of dress, might increase the likelihood of such rumors getting started. Who knows.

That said, I do think that most people who have the guts to ask such a question are typically genuine in their curiosity and are not trying to insult you for adding a few LB’s.


“I never understood why perfect strangers would feel compelled to congratulate you for being pregnant. People just don’t think about how insensitive some things are. Wanna make small talk? Talk about the weather! The stock market! The price of tea in China! I just don’t get the whole presumptuous… stranger… pregnancy… chitchat thing.”
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Creative Comebacks For Non-Pregnant Women

So, if you are the unlucky victim of the “Are you pregnant?” question, there are a couple of different ways you can choose to handle the situation:


    • You could just grin & bear it. Go with the flow. Chuckle out a friendly (and embarrassed) “Why, no…”


2. You could have some fun with the bold inquisitive one and get the last laugh with these:

No, no new baby. But we got a new puppy!

Twins! (…then stare in silence while their face becomes a brilliant shade of crimson and they’re not quite sure what to say next).

Nope. I won the pie eating contest! (…though this one has “big fat pig” written all over it).

Oh good. Now I can start eating for two.

No. Are you? (…if you can be so bold).

Then again, sometimes it’s fun to have the snappy comeback, but sometimes you could get the message across more effectively to simply comment “Nope.” then let them figure out the impact of what they just said for themselves.

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