Toddler Ride On Toy Car Review: My 1-Year-Old Loves The Step 2 Whisper Ride On Push Car Stroller… And So Do I!

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A friend of ours handed down a Step 2 Whisper Ride On Push Car to my 14-month-old after her little ones enjoyed it for a couple of years.

I had thought about purchasing the Step 2 push car prior to this — but I’m trying really hard to be smart about baby toy purchases since we are already bursting at the seams with toys, ride-on cars, strollers, etc. So it was a fun surprise to receive this ride on push car out of the blue!

My little guy instantly enjoyed this toddler ride on car from the moment we sat him in it.

My toddler loves anything with wheels or a steering wheel. He can entertain himself anywhere we go in this ride on toy car with handle.


My Review Of The Step 2 Whisper Ride On Push Car

Since the day we got it, we have used it quite regularly.

This ride on toy car even managed to keep him engaged on a recent trip to the DMV to get my license renewed:

The Step 2 Whisper ride on push car even kept my baby entertained while we waited at the DMV!

We have also used it in the yard at home quite a bit:

This is a great toddler ride on push car stroller!

And he loves when we take it to the Harley-Davidson shop to visit his dad at work:

This push car with handle is perfect for popping wheelies in front of Daddy's office.

My baby is such a boy. He is immediately drawn to anything with wheels or a steering wheel, and this super cute ride on car has both — plus a working horn!

He loves to pretend to drive it. And I love not having to carry him (because he is quite heavy at 27 lbs).

My 14-month-old 27 lb toddler loves this ride on toy car.


Here are some of the features we love about the Step 2 Whisper ride on push car stroller:

  • The Step 2 car has realistic styling with a movable steering wheel and a honking horn.
  • This ride on toy car has a push/steer handle to provide your child with a low-to-the-ground viewpoint and a “pretend driving” stroller experience.
  • The car itself has 2 handy child-size cup holders — to hold your toddler’s drinks or snacks.
  • The car also has an under-the-hood storage compartment which is perfect for all of your baby necessities while you’re out & about.
  • The Step 2 Whisper ride on car is suitable for ages 1-1/2 years to 4 years — with a 50 lb maximum weight limit.
  • The seat of this ride on toy car has a safety strap to keep your child buckled in and contained.
  • The push/steer handle has a removable cup holder for the adult doing the pushing.
  • The push/steer handle folds under itself for easier transport, with a screw of a big knob.

We’ve had a lot of fun with this toddler ride on push car!

My baby will even push it around the yard himself whenever we’re playing outside.

He will even push this ride on toy car around the yard himself whenever we're playing outside!

The neighborhood kiddos love pushing each other around in it too, when they come over to play.

The neighbor kids enjoy taking turns on the Step 2 Whisper ride on push car.


There are only a few things I don’t like about it:

#1 – The car is a bit bulky when transporting, but the push/steer handle will actually fold beneath itself — which helps a lot.

I usually have my dogs with me in the back of the SUV and our Quinny stroller in the back seat — so there isn’t a lot of room left to pack this push car stroller.

Basically, I have to decide when and if it makes more sense to pack it when we are leaving the house.

I find that if I have tedious tasks to accomplish where my baby might become bored more easily (such as a trip to the DMV or something which may require wait times), then those are good days for me to pack it.

I can easily fit this car buckled in the front seat once I fold the push/steer handle. And then I can reposition the handle and screw the big red knob once I unload the car whenever we arrive at our destination.

Here you can see how the push/steer handle folds under the ride on car itself.  This is how we travel with the Step 2 Whisper ride on push car.

#2 – I wish there was a small compartment for a phone and car keys, in addition to the adult cup holder on the push/steer handle.

I think this would be one small improvement that would make this push car stroller more parent-friendly!

The under hood storage definitely works (because it keeps your important items out of reach from baby), but it requires you to stop strolling and physically walk to the front of the car to access the items each time.

The 2 cup holders are at toddler-height, making it easy for him to reach his sippy cup and snacks on the go.

#3 – The car is quite low to the ground — so navigating our backyard (which has a gradual incline) requires a two-handed effort to get it up the hill.

Nevertheless, this push car with handle still makes a great yard stroller, and it’s a fun way to get my toddler outside when I don’t want him getting down and dirty.

This push car makes a great stroller!


The Bottom Line…

Overall, the Step 2 push car has been a great addition to the arsenal of toys, ride on cars, and strollers that we have accumulated in an effort to keep baby contained and entertained while out & about or working/playing in the yard.

This toddler ride on push car stroller is perfect for when I'm doing yardwork outside!

We absolutely love it!

Here is our video review, so you can see some of the features that I’ve mentioned above and how much my little guy loves it:

Step 2 Whisper Ride On Push Car Product Review