Quinny Baby Stroller Review: See What This Mom & Baby Think About The Quinny Buzz Xtra Stroller

Looking for a sleek & stylish baby stroller?

While I was pregnant, I felt like I had information overload when it came to shopping for baby strollers.

I’m an online shopper, so it was especially difficult to truly understand what I was looking at while doing my initial online search. There were so many models… and so many features!

I knew I needed a stroller, but I just didn’t know which one.

How I Decided On The Quinny Baby Stroller

I stumbled upon the Quinny Buzz Xtra stroller while visiting our local Bargain Hunt store. (Bargain hunt is chain retail outlet which sells brand-name electronics, housewares, and whatever else you can think of at discount prices.)

With a quick Internet search and after watching this video showing all the great features, I quickly realized the Quinny Buzz was the stroller for me!

The Quinny Buzz stroller was being offered at an even further discount — because it had been at this Bargain Hunt location for quite some time.

After some consideration and the Quinny still being there a week later, we walked out of Bargain Hunt with our Quinny Buzz Xtra stroller for less than 1/3 the original sticker price — even with the tax!

We ended up ordering a Maxi Cosi Mico AP infant car seat from Amazon (in the Red Rumor color) — because it was one of the car seats listed to be compatible with the Quinny and it would complete our baby travel system.


Since becoming part of the #QuinnyWorld, I see Quinnys all the time in movies and commercials that involve babies. But I’ve yet to see one in my everyday mom life.

Here are some of the really cool features that I love about this Quinny baby stroller:

  1. The base of the Quinny Buzz stroller fits nicely folded in the back of our Cadillac Escalade SUV. That makes loading and unloading it a breeze!
  2. The self unfolding hydraulic system is convenient (…and is super cool) — as seen here:
  3. This Quinny baby stroller is compatible with our Maxi Cosi AP infant car seat and comes with the adapters. If baby is napping or if I don’t feel like carrying him, I can just pop the car seat on the base of the stroller with baby in it. This feature is ideal for anyone looking for a travel system!
  4. The Quinny Buzz has a great basket down below that can hold up to 11 lbs. There is also a “secret compartment” with a zipper.
  5. The Quinny Buzz Xtra has a great telescoping handle push-bar which makes for easy strolling, as both my husband and I are tall.
  6. It has a single front wheel that swivels for easy maneuvering — which also locks into place for when we go off the beaten path.
  7. It has foam filled tires for a smooth ride — and I never have to worry about the tires going flat.
  8. The Quinny Buzz has a convenient foot brake (and release) — to keep the stroller from moving while transporting in the back of the SUV. Plus, I never have to worry about a runaway stroller, especially with baby in it.
  9. When baby outgrows his Maxi Cosi car seat (which he will when he reaches 29 inches or 22 lbs), the Quinny Buzz stroller comes with a bassinet seat that will accommodate him until he’s approximately 50 lbs. Plus, the seat cover is made of water-repellent material — so any spills are easy to clean up.
  10. The bassinet has an extra large sun canopy to provide shade — but it still allows for airflow.
  11. There are various seating options for the Quinny bassinet — rear or forward facing, with 2-way reclining positions for each:  

The Cons

There are only a few things that I don’t like about this Quinny baby stroller:

  1. There is no cup holder — so I had to add one.
  2. There is no tray, nor is there an accessory option for one.
  3. The bottom shopping basket is open. Although it fits a lot of stuff, everything is exposed. I feel with the hefty retail price, the Quinnybox for additional storage should be included — but it’s not.

These are minor issues and don’t outweigh the things I love about it — because I can add the additional accessories myself.

The Bottom Line

Our Quinny stroller color is called Red Rumor. The Buzz Xtra comes in 3 additional colors including:

  • Rocking Black
  • Purple Pace
  • Grey Gravel

The Quinny Buzz Xtra has additional accessories that you can add:

  • a cup holder
  • a parasol
  • a Quinnybox (that mounts to the rear axle for extra storage),
  • a rain cover
  • a multi-model car seat adapter
  • a foot muff
  • a tukk (which is a foldable carry cot)

I’ve added the parasol, Quinnybox (pictured above), and cup holder — because I realized that I could really use these items after strolling with baby to a recent HOG Rally.

I definitely love my Quinny and recommend it to any mom who wants a sleek and stylish — yet functional — travel system!

Here’s link to my video review where I’m showing you all of the features of this Quinny baby stroller: