What It’s REALLY Like To Give Birth

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rob-on-birthHere’s what it’s REALLY like to give birth at the hospital.

At least according to Rob Cockerham — first time dad to a little girl named June.

You see, Rob tends to notice things that others don’t.

And no one can describe trivial details with humor better than this guy!

Here is Rob’s take on the birth of his first child, including play-by-play details of all the days that his wife Stacy spent in the hospital — pre labor, during labor, and post-labor.

(Fortunately, Stacy is a good sport!)

You’ll notice that he refers to “How Much Is Inside?”…

Be sure to check out Rob’s other posts at some point. The “How Much Is Inside?” experiments are absolutely CLASSIC.

Congrats Rob and Stacy!

…and thanks for sharing this very special moment with all of us.