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Ordering Cheap Pregnancy Tests – These Are Just Like The Ones Your Doctor Uses!


If you’re trying to get pregnant, chances are you’ll be buying a whole lot of pregnancy tests!

You’re probaby wondering:

  • Where is the best place to buy cheap pregnancy tests?
  • Can you order pregnancy tests in bulk online?
  • Can you trust the results of cheap pregnancy tests?

I can tell you what worked for me over the course of several pregnancies…


How To Determine Pregnancy

So, you’re trying to get pregnant.  Yippee!

The good news: Gone are the days when doctors injected rabbits.

Today, home pregnancy test kits are so accurate, doctors rarely test for HcG levels in the office, unless you are a high-risk or fertility patient.

When you go to the doctor’s office as a pregnant patient, you’re more likely to get an ultrasound to check the date instead.

However, when you’re first trying to get pregnant, you will just buy some over-the-counter home pregnancy tests and go from there. 

And if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for awhile, buying those $8 EPT 2-packs gets expensive… FAST!


Where To Find Hospital-Quality Pregnancy Tests… Cheap

Guess what? 

Doctor’s offices don’t use EPT or ClearBlue Easy pregnancy tests.  They use the same type of stripped down test kits that you can find for $1 or less elsewhere!

You can buy these basic pregnancy tests at the chain store Dollar Tree for only $1 each.  (Dollar Tree stores also sell ovulation prediction tests for the same low price.)


Sure, they don’t have the fancy ergonomic holder. Nor is there a fancy "yes/no", "plus/minus" results window. 

Instead, you’ll be holding a small plastic box with a felt-like strip and you’re looking for a simple 1 or 2 line result.

I have found them to be accurate, though I have never tried them on the first day of a missed period.

NOTE: If this is your first pregnancy and you’re just a little late, then splurge on the EPT or similar brands.  This is a special moment!  However, if you’re testing monthly or more, it makes sense to go with a cheaper brand.



Even Cheaper Pregnancy Tests… That Work

Believe it or not, you can buy pregnancy tests even cheaper online!  

There is a very simple pregnancy test that looks even more stripped down than the Dollar Tree version.

These pregnancy tests cost less than 50 cents apiece!

Here are places you can order the cheapest pregnancy tests online:


Celebrating The Moment You Find Out

If you do have a positive pregnancy test, CONGRATULATIONS! 

The best way to preserve that happy moment is to take a photo of the result. 

Take it from me, if you try saving the pregnancy test forever, the result window will dry and fade.