Which Is The Best Home Pregnancy Test?

There are a lot of different kinds of home pregnancy tests out there, and all of them have an accuracy of about 97%.

To make it easier when deciding among all the choices in home pregnancy tests out there, the video below provides some great tips:

  • Buy a pregnancy kit with 2 tests in it. 
    This makes sense from an economical viewpoint because if the test comes up negative, you’re probably going to test again later — either right away becuase you “just want to make sure,” or next month, if you’re serious about trying to get pregnant. Why run back to the store to buy another test? Just save time, gas, and money by purchasing a kit with 2 tests in it to begin with.
  • Buy a pregnancy test kit that is easy to read. 
    The home pregnancy tests which give the result in the form of 1 line = “Pregnant” and 2 lines = “Not pregnant” probably aren’t the best choice — especially if this is the first time you’re testing — because they’re a little harder to interpret. Instead, choose a home pregnancy test that shows a very clear outcome, such as “Yes” for pregnant and “No” for not pregnant, or something similar.
  • Pick your favorite type.
    Decide whether you would rather “pee directly on the stick,” or if you prefer to “dip the stick in a cup of urine” instead. Those are the 2 main types of home pregnancy tests. Both are equally as effective, it just come down to personal preference.

Now watch the video for a better explanation of those tips… and more:

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