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Yoga For Pregnant Women – Some Tips Before You Get Started

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By Regina

Yoga has 2 great benefits for the pregnant woman:

  1. It teaches you how to breathe deeply and relax — key things you’ll need to know how to do during labor.
  2. It enhances muscle tone and improves balance — which makes you feel better and helps you get through the pregnancy easier.

Pregnancy Yoga Tips

As seen in the following video, there are a few important things that you should know before starting yoga if you’re pregnant:

prenatal-yoga-dvd.jpg Yoga has gained a lot of popularity over the last few decades, and this is especially true for pregnant women.

  • Make sure the instructor knows you’re pregnant. Or, take a yoga class for pregnant women.
  • There are few restrictions during the first trimester, but during the second and third trimester your joints are looser, so  you need to be careful of twisting and inversion poses.
  • Avoid positions that put you flat on your back.
  • Avoid classes that teach Bikram yoga (or hot yoga) because they heat the room up above 90 degrees and this is dangerous for a pregnant woman.
  • Talk to your doctor before beginning a yoga class.