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Baby Proof And Toddler Proof Phone Cases For Parents

Everyone knows that babies like to play with their parents’ cell phones from time to time.


A cellphone — with its many apps, games, music, and video features — can be an incredibly useful tool for pacifying a crying baby or distracting a squirming toddler.

But what about the drool… the drops… and the accidental button pushing?

Good news: Now you can protect your phone from common mishaps like drops, drools, and teething by placing it inside a whimsical case that is attractive to your child and helpful to you!

Here are the best childproof phone cases that you and your little one will love…

Baby Friendly Cell Phone Cases

The first baby-proof smartphone case to catch my attention was the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case for the iPhone.


It’s baby and toddler approved for these reasons:

  • Drop-proof
  • Slobber-proof
  • Handles (which double as teething rings) make it easy for babies to hold on to
  • You can download free Fisher Price learning apps, in addition to other baby-friendly apps, on iTunes
  • Fisher-Price apps don’t time out
  • Has a mirror on the back for double-sided fun
  • Ergonomically baby-friendly
  • The home button, power button, and volume buttons are covered and protected

HappiTaps Phone Case


With the free Beary Happi app installed on your phone, the HappiTaps bear comes to life with over 100 different facial expressions and fun sayings. Yep, this bear talks directly to your child. It also responds to motion — such as swinging the phone back and forth — thanks to the built-in accelerometer that’s inside iPhones and iPods.

Griffin Woogie 2


If soft & cuddly is what you’re after, then this one definitely fits the bill. It’s a huggable plush toy that — when combined with your smartphone — turns into a child-friendly phone case. The see-through pocket makes it possible to access on-screen functions while still protecting your phone from drops and drool. There’s also a fun Woogie app that brings the plush Woogie 2 phone case to life.

iFoolish Phone Case


This one is best for toddlers and young children who like to draw. This snap-on case brings fun to the other side of your iPhone!

Think along the lines of an Etch-a-Sketch or Magnadoodle… while also making your iPhone more durable in a toddler’s hands.

Although the iFoolish case is marketed as a fun object/toy for both kids and adults, there is a very practical purpose to the case, too. If you have ever seen a two-year-old man-handle a phone, you know of the destructive power their teeny-tiny hands can yield … Now, with the iFoolish iPhone case, your freakishly-strong toddler can be joyfully distracted with the little drawing stylus and the blank canvas.  —Ziphi

LifeProof Case For iPhones


This case provides waterproof, shockproof, snowproof, and dirtproof protection for your iPhone. It’s thinner than most of the other toddler-friendly phone cases, but it lacks some of the additional bells & whistles of the others. It only does one thing: protects. And it does that quite well. Best of all, it will keep baby drool and teeth marks off your phone!

Put kids and gadgets together and it can be pretty risky business. Whether it’s a potential sippy cup leak in my purse or a tumble on the hardwood floors in my kitchen, I’m more than a little worried when I let my kids play on my iPhone 4. What they really need is a completely kid proof iPhone case, which I think is exactly what I finally found [in the LifeProof Apple iPhone 4 case].  —Cool Mom Tech

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