Put Your Newborn’s Picture On The Cover Of A Baby Magazine!

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baby-magazine-by-TedsBlog.jpg Did you know that you can put your baby on the cover of practically any baby magazine in the world?

Well, you can. Let’s use this Parenting baby magazine cover as an example. The nice thing is you don’t have to download anything to your computer. Everything is done online which, for me, is the ultimate plus!

Here are the details for specifically how to do it:

  • Upload a photo.
  • Increase or decrease the size of the photo and change the photo orientation.
  • Add the title and subtitles.
  • Download your baby magazine cover.

The American Baby cover maker is another similar example.

Of course, you could spend $28 to have a baby magazine cover made at Walmart (or $13 to $20 to have it made somewhere else), but why would you want to when you can do it yourself online …for FREE?!


Uses For Baby Magazine Covers

Here are some fun things you can do with the baby magazine cover you’ve created:

  1. Use it as a birth announcement!
  2. Frame it and give it to baby’s grandparents as a Christmas gift or birthday gift.
  3. Have the image added to products like book bags, coffee cups, and calendars (found at sites like Cafe Press or Zazzle). Those items would make great gifts or mementos.
  4. Add it to your child’s baby book.
  5. Include it in your own scrapbook.
  6. Hang a framed copy on the wall in your child’s room.
  7. Make one for someone else’s newborn, and surprise them with the clever gift! (Add your own “mailing label” with details about the baby’s height, weight, etc.)


Make Other Fun Magazine Covers, Too

The totally cool thing about making your own fun magazine covers is that baby magazines aren’t the only ones you can create.

You can also use photos of your dog to put your dog on the cover of a magazine! Heck, you can make just about any kind of magazine cover for any kind of purpose!

So whether you want to put a picture of your newborn on the cover of a baby magazine, or feature a photo of your new car on the cover of an auto magazine, there are lots of ways to do it quickly and easily online:

Have fun!