How To Choose The Perfect Baby Girl Name

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baby-girl-name-by-Qole-Pejorian.jpgChoosing a baby girl name can be a little tricky these days.

You don’t want to choose a name that your little girl will hate when she’s older, but you want to pick a name that you love as well.

There are many different ways to choose a name for your baby girl.

Keep these 7 tips in mind when deciding on a name that both you and your little girl will be able to live with for a lifetime, and not just today:

  • Choose a baby girl name from names from other cultures. There are all sorts of really beautiful baby girl names from other cultures such as Aileen which is Irish or DaNell which is African.
  • Merge 2 of your favorite baby girl names to create one name you will both love. A few examples might be Brittany and Caitlin to form Brittlyn, or Susan and Linda to create Sanda or Suelin.
  • Choose a name from your family. Be careful when doing this though — because it’s easy to pick a name that your daughter will hate. For example, I almost got stuck with Rowena, or my mother’s other favorite, Thursy. Yeah, I say a little thank you every day that I didn’t have either of those names!
  • Use your maiden name or your mother’s maiden name for a baby girl name. Now this wouldn’t work for my maiden name of Barnett, but it would probably work for my mother’s maiden name of Ewing. You just have to be careful which maiden name you choose so that it isn’t too unusual sounding or hard to pronounce.
  • Choose a baby girl name that denotes a physical trait. For example, Melain would be a good name for a baby girl with dark hair or skin.
  • Select a baby girl name that sounds good with your last name and, in most cases, that doesn’t rhyme. While rhyming names are okay in some cases, most times they sound a little too cutesy, at least in my opinion. It’s always a good idea to say any potential names with some potential middle names and then your last name to see how they sound together.
  • Take into account the meaning of your baby girl’s name. It’s a good idea to stick with positive meanings which may seem self-explanatory, but there are names with not so positive meanings. For example, Linda in Spanish means pretty or beautiful.



Here’s a list of websites with what I think are the best baby girl names online: