Insider Tips For Flying Pregnant …Been There, Done That!

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will-my-airline-seatbelt-fit-around-a-pregnant-woman-pregnant-belly.jpg Babymoons are the latest trend among parents-to-be. 

Like honeymoons, you jet off to enjoy the last time you’ll ever be truly alone! 

Here are tips for making your pregnant flight comfortable — whether you’re flying to a babymoon destination or a cross country family reunion.

And the question you’re too scared to ask… will the airplane seatbelt click around my pregnant belly?!?

Your first step?

Dressing for travel! 

Need I remind you to wear your most comfortable outfit? 

Not the worn out yoga pants again!  Synthetic black slacks plus a top with a little spandex give you stretch and style.

And the shoes:  make ’em wide, because your feet will swell from the flight. 

In fact, you may want to leave your wedding ring at home.  My friend’s fingers swelled so much from the altitude that she had to visit an emergency room to have her ring removed.


Navigating The Airport While Pregnant

You won’t need that light-flashing, beep-beeping airport truck unless you’re dangerously pregnant.  In which case, you might want to rethink your travel plans! Most pregnant women are discouraged from flying after 28 weeks, and can only fly after 36 weeks with doctor’s permission.

What you will need:

  • Small carry-on bag that rolls (no heavy lifting!) 
  • Checked bag for the rest of your gear.  Gone are your days of traveling light, Mama!
  • Your doctor’s card with emergency phone numbers, just in case.
  • Change for multiple bottles of water, post-security check.
  • Enough time for bathroom breaks between flights.  (I don’t know about you, but I’m a little nervous about getting my enormous belly stuck in the on-flight lavatory!)


Boarding The Airplane While Pregnant

Long before boarding is announced, waddle yourself up to the check-in and inquire, politely, about empty seats.  If the attendant takes pity on your pregnant self, you may be able to slide into an aisle seat (more room to stretch your legs) or switch to one that adjoins an empty space.

Take a few brisk turns around the terminal before boarding.  Better circulation prevents blood clots and swelling.

Here are some good tips to prevent swelling and blood clots if flying while pregnant.

When you have your baby in arms, most airlines let you pre-board.  Until then, hang back.  No use squeezing yourself into an airline seat 1 minute sooner than mandatory!


Getting Comfortable On The Airplane While Pregnant

Perhaps the greatest question in your mind is, "Will the seatbelt go around my pregnant belly?" 


At 23 weeks pregnant, mine just barely clicked, without a centimeter to spare.  Yet I regretted not asking for the seatbelt extender… every single time I had to bend or twist. 

When the flight attendants begin beverage service, drink water.  Pure water.  It’s the only option to combat the swelling in your lower limbs. 

Say no to the airline peanuts and crackers.  You don’t need the sodium.  Instead, think about buying a pre-made fresh fruit cup or salad from the Gourmet-To-Go stands after airport security.

When it’s time to de-plane, don’t be shy about asking a taller, stronger passenger to lift your bag from the overhead compartment.  (Who doesn’t like being chivalrous to a pregnant woman?  Just remember to say thanks before you bolt to the bathroom!)

Bon voyage…

More tips for avoiding swollen feet & ankles when traveling during pregnancy.