8 Great Gifts For The Dad-To-Be

At first I wasn’t sure what you could get a guy that would relate to his becoming a father. I didn’t know if there were gifts geared towards dads-to-be, until I went shopping. Here are my top picks as gifts for new dads.

10 Things Every New Parent Needs

Here’s a funny piece that appeared in Baby Talk magazine. It’s good for a laugh or two. Plus, see how to get a FREE subscription to Baby Talk magazine!


What It’s REALLY Like To Give Birth

Here is Rob Cockerham’s take on the birth of his first child, including play-by-play details of all the days that his wife Stacy spent in the hospital — pre labor, during labor, and post-labor.


Love Lori: A New Father-To-Be Blogs About Pregnancy

A pregnancy journal in the form of a Blog …from a guy’s perspective. Mike — about to become a father for the first time — created this Blog as a place to document his personal thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams…