VTech Sit To Stand Learning Walker Review: See Why My Toddler Loves This Baby Push Walker!

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Our baby is just starting to walk at 16 months.

He will take a few steps on his own, here and there. But he always reverts back to crawling (in overdrive mode) after falling down from those initial first steps.

His Grammy thought he needed a baby push walker at this stage to help him learn to walk — so she recently bought him the VTech Sit To Stand Learning Walker.


My Baby’s Fascination With This Baby Push Walker

He played with it, on and off, for the first week or so. Then it sat in his room for a couple of weeks without movement.

With his recent motivation to be vertical, he became interested in it again  — and the VTech Learning Walker is now a daily toy that he has regularly been pushing around while learning to walk.

Then one day, my baby just started walking even more with the walker. He started turning and burning with it — like a baby in charge!

Lately, he repeatedly attempts to walk completely on his own.

I definitely believe the VTech baby walker helped get him to this almost walking stage.

Our baby seems to love learning to walk while using this baby push walker, and he thinks it’s fun to maneuver while practicing his balance.


What Makes The VTech Sit To Stand Learning Walker Unique

Here are the features I like best on this baby push walker:

  • The VTech Learning Walker has a handle that is the perfect height for baby, as he learns to navigate one step in front of the other.
    Right after a nap, the VTech baby push walker is the first toy he rushes to play with!
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  • The walker has an easy-to-remove play panel which operates on 2 AA batteries. The panel is multi-functional and can be used for play time on the floor or for mobile fun on the walker itself.
    The VTech baby walker has a play panel which operates on 2 AA batteries. It can be used for play time on the floor or for mobile fun on the walker itself.
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  • The play panel has a variety of colorful spinning gears, piano keys, 3 light-up shape sorters, a telephone handset, and an open/close door with barnyard and peek-a-boo sounds. So… in addition to using this baby push walker for learning to walk, a child can also learn about shapes, colors, animals, and music at the same time! (There are a couple colorful rattle rollers on the bottom of the walker itself, too.)
    My baby loves playing with all the different toys and features on the VTech Learning Walker play panel.
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  • The walker moves smoothly and transitions easily from carpet to hardwood flooring (or vice versa).
    My baby is normally attracted to the wheels on toys first.
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  • This baby push walker grows with your baby — because it has 2 adjustable settings for speed control (basically a tension setting on the back wheels).
    The VTech baby walker grows with your baby -- because it has 2 adjustable settings for speed control.
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  • The VTech Sit To Stand Learning Walker is rated for infants 6 to 12 months — but it has worked perfectly for my 15- to 16-month-old baby who is learning to walk.


Downsides Of The VTech Baby Walker

The only thing I dislike about this baby push walker is the telephone handset on the play pad — because it is not attached.

As a result, it can be easy to lose it if you’re not mindful of where it is at all times.


The Bottom Line…

Overall, the VTech Sit To Stand Learning Walker is an inexpensive toy which helps your baby develop their next steps… literally!

It’s a marvel watching my baby grow before my eyes and develop all of these learned skills.

Did You Know?… Babies learn the most in their first 3 years than they will in any other 3-year span throughout their entire life.

Babies learn various skills when they are ready — and learning to walk is one of those memorable milestones that every parent wishes to watch happen.

Watching my baby learn to walk has been bittersweet for me:

  • On the one hand, he’s so heavy (he weighs as much as some 2- and 3-year-olds we know) — so I’m definitely looking forward to having him carry his own weight.
  • At the same time, I’m definitely holding on to the last of my baby’s crawling days — knowing that I’ll be running after a much more mobile toddler soon.

I think the VTech learning walker has been a great addition to our arsenal of baby toys and learning tools.

At the very least, you will enjoy the pure entertainment value watching your baby learn to walk with this perfectly sized walker!

Here is a video of my son playing with the VTech Sit To Stand Learning Walker — so you can “see” some of the things I’ve mentioned above:


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