Green Baby Nursery: 3 Cheap Ways To Make Your Baby’s Room Greener

We want to make the perfect nest for our new babies, right?

Cozy, warm, and most of all — SAFE.

Following are some cheap and easy ways to green your baby’s nursery, with recycled elements, organic bedding, and furniture that won’t outgas toxins.


Keep in mind, it’s always greener to use something you already have — rather than something you have to buy. Less waste, less fuel, less impact!

So, here are my top 3 ways to make a green baby nursery…


#1 –  Look around your house — or your mom’s attic — and see what you have on hand.

  • An old dresser makes a great changing table with a pad on top.
  • Family heirlooms, baby photos, and framed clothing are wonderful green baby nursery accessories.
  • An old quilt or a handmade rocker can be the inspiration for the room.

old-quilt-wicker-daybed.jpg dresser-as-changing-table


#2 –  Avoid outgassing. 

Find solid furniture instead of particle-board furniture kits.

And pull up that carpet if you have hardwood underneath!

Both carpets and pressed wood furniture can outgas formaldehyde.

Instead, use older, real wood furniture — or let new furniture sit outside or in a garage before moving it into the nursery.




#3 –  Find organic baby bedding online.

You can find organic bedding for the nursery online these days. And it’s surprisingly affordable!

Even Walmart now offers organic crib sets, receiving blankets, and baby clothes — starting as low as $9. 

Here’s a complete list of Walmart’s organic baby products.



More Ideas For A Green Baby Nursery

What have you done to make your baby’s nursery safer and more organic?  I’d love to know!