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I used disposables for 16 months before trying cloth diapers. I wish I made the switch to cloth sooner! My thoughts on disposable diapers vs cloth diapers today.

Whether you have issues with traditional pregnancy products or not, there’s just something special about wanting to protect your baby's health and pureness from conception to birth. As a mom myself, I've got some suggestions that helped me when I was pregnant and looking for organic pregnancy products on a budget.

Lots of great reasons to choose cloth baby diapers here. They're not like the cloth baby diapers when you were growing up. They're better! There's no need for diaper pins and folded edges anymore. Today's cloth diapers have different closures that keep them snugly on your baby -- without the need for pins.

With so many baby bottles on the market, does it really matter which one you choose? What's the difference between all these baby bottles? Which are the best ...and why? What do the experts say? Here are the best baby bottles, according to mothers and other experts.

Organic pregnancy means living a more natural and toxin-free life for both you and your baby. Here are some great tips to live all-natural while you're pregnant, plus tips for making organic, eco-friendly choices after your baby is born.

Here are 3 cheap and easy ways to make a green baby nursery -- from organic crib bedding at Walmart prices to family heirlooms and solid wood furniture.

Scared of the chemicals in nail polish? I found the best formaldehyde free & toluene free polishes that are safe during pregnancy + Pedicure & manicure tips