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Safe Nail Polish Brands For Pregnant Women + Pregnancy Pedicure And Manicure Tips

pregnancy-safe-nail-polishI’m pregnant, but I’d like to paint my toes a pretty color for the beach.

Easier said than done — and not only because it’s so hard to bend over!

I’m worried that unnecessary chemicals will be dangerous for the baby.

Is it safe to paint your nails while pregnant?

Here’s the safest nail polish I’ve found for pregnant mothers, along with tips for pregnancy pedicures…


Safe Nail Polishes

One thing is certain: Painting your own fingers and toes is safer than sitting in a cheap nail salon.

A room full of solvent fumes can’t be good!

Luckily, we no longer have to go to fancy organic markets to buy safer nail polish.

Standard toenail polish contains formaldehyde, a carcinogen, which can be absorbed through the nails. It also contains toluene, a solvent that can irritate skin and lungs and has been linked to causing cancer in laboratory rats. Pregnant women who are concerned about either the smell of these polishes or about the body absorbing even trace amounts of these chemicals can still have a pregnancy pedicure with the right polish. Find a salon that offers chemical-free nail polish and nail polish remover. Even if the local salon does not offer these products, you can buy your own and bring them with you. Source


What To Look For In Pregnancy Safe Nail Polishes

You want nail polishes that are:

We also need to watch out for nail hardeners with added chemicals when we’re pregnant.

Here are several pregnancy safe nail polishes.

Some important questions you should ask when calling nail salons prior to a pregnancy manicure or pregnancy pedicure:

  • Is it possible to get a water-less pedicure?
  • Can I have the water be cool not hot while my toes are soaking?
  • Can I pass on paraffin wax treatment if I want, or can I have one?
  • May I have a massage on my legs that is a little gentler than usual?
  • Or may I have a massage that’s a little longer than usually done?
  • May I choose what color polish I want?
  • Do they offer nail polish that contains no DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde?


My Favorite Formaldehyde-Free Nail Polish


I picked up a bottle of pale pink Nicole by OPI at Walmart last week.  Walmart!  How easy is that?  Cost:  $6.53.

I liked the softer colors of OPI, but I was skeptical of the quality.

What good would a DBP-free nail polish be if I have to apply it 3x as often?

The Nicole polish by OPI went on almost as smoothly as a typical nail polish. It took a little bit longer to dry, but lasted about a week before chipping around the edges.

I was quite pleased!

Other Nail Polishes Safe For Pregnant Women

Nicole by OPI isn’t the only safe nail polish you can find in drugstores.

Three other brands of nail polish that are reportedly free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP:

Here are some more nail polishes free of “the big 3”.

At the rate my nails are growing (thanks, prenatal vitamins!), I could try another brand (or 3!) before delivery.


Tips For Getting Manicures & Pedicures During Pregnancy

Still want to have your manicure or pedicure done at a salon while you’re pregnant?

Check out these tips before you go: