What Will My Baby Look Like? MakeMeBabies.com

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what-will-my-baby-look-like-by-phalinnWant to predict what your baby MIGHT look like?

Computer guru Kim Komando named MakeMeBabies.com one of her Cool Sites For The Day.

This FREE, fun site gives you the tool to combine both parents’ photos.

You can even post the result on your Facebook page!


Here’s how Make Me Babies worked for me…


Well, it was worth a laugh!

It took me about 5 minutes to work through the steps.

You don’t have to register your name.

You can pick a cute frame for your “baby photo.”

The hardest part was finding suitable photos on my desktop:

  • Show each partner’s face straight-on.
  • No glasses, sunglasses, or hair in face.

So, what do you think about my new little baby boy?

I have to say, for me the results were highly inaccurate, even disturbing!   (Insert weak chuckle here.)

We already have 2 fair-skinned strawberry blondes, and I’m hoping Baby #3 looks more like his siblings than this!

It would help if they used other information — like the parents’ eye, hair, and skin colors — before popping random details onto your new baby.

I’m curious…  if you try MakeMeBabies.com, leave me a comment.  Was your baby prediction accurate, or way off base?

In the meantime, you might want to try MorphThing to see what your baby might look like.