When Is It Normal To Be Exhausted & Pregnant?

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I’m right at the cusp of the 3rd trimester, and I’m more exhausted than I’ve ever been.

Where’s that excitement and nesting energy I’ve come to expect?

Is it normal to feel so tired when you’re pregnant?


Here are a few things you might want to check if you can barely get out of bed when pregnant…


Yes, it is normal to be tired when pregnant!

You’re using energy to grow a baby.

Your sleep is disrupted by bad dreams and back pain.

Your body does need extra rest.

But maybe your exhaustion is more than just pregnancy.  Do you nap without ever waking refreshed?  Are you taking it easy, but still feel worn out?

Me, too.

I’ve been asking my friends what they would do in this situation, and here are some of the problems they’ve experienced that contributed to pregnancy exhaustion.


Iron Deficiency or Pregnancy Anemia:


Gestational Diabetes:

Thyroid Imbalance or Hypothyroidism During Pregnancy:

 Prenatal Depression:


But how do you know if your exhaustion is normal, or a sign of something out-of-balance?

Tell your doctor, and don’t be shy about speaking up for yourself.  At least 3 of these 4 pregnancy side effects are easily tested in the doctor’s office.

That’s just what I plan to do!

Here are 7 ways to nurture yourself during pregnancy.

If you’re dealing with pregnancy fatigue, here are tips to reduce tiredness and exhaustion.

Here are 11 instant energy boosters.


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  1. iron supplement is one of the most common minerals that people know about. Women use a lot of Iron during their cycle and child birth. But lack of a good dietary iron supplement is not just a woman thing, men may experience lack of dietary iron too. This lack of iron is called anemia. About 20% of Americans are iron deficient or anemic.

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