Best Gift Ideas For The New Mom On Her First Mother’s Day

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first_mothers_day_by_surlygirl.jpgMother’s Day is a special day just for moms.

It’s a day to celebrate and show your appreciation for the hard-working mom in your life.

A woman’s very first Mother’s Day is like no other Mother’s Day that she will ever enjoy.  It symbolizes her entry into motherhood and the start of her new family.

So what do you get a first-time mom on Mother’s Day?

Here are some great first Mother’s Day gift ideas (dads listen up!)…


Gifts For Her First Mother’s Day

  • A baby keepsake kitThis kit includes a box frame with a special mat that includes a place for the baby’s photo and a mold of the child’s foot, hand, or both (also comes with the material for the mold). Keepsake kits can be found at craft stores, such as Michaels.
  • A day of relaxation — Becoming a new mom can definitely be a little stressful (okay, a lot stressful). From changing diapers all day to lack of sleep from late night feedings, a day at the spa may be just what the new mom needs. Here are some ways to make her spa day extra special. Or you could always give her a spa day at home.
  • A journal or a scrapbook — This is a great way for mothers to keep up with all of baby’s important firsts, like the baby’s first words. (Be sure to include a few fun scrapbook materials like stickers, letters, stamps, and decorative paper.)
  • A photo gift — All moms love photo gifts, and the fun part about this gift is it can be very creative. You can make a photo album (to keep fun family pictures in), a photo mug (for mothers on-the-go), a photo mouse pad (just for fun), a family photo frame, or anything else you can think of to put a photo on.
  • A night off — Hire a babysitter and take mom out for a night where the attention is only on her. You could take her to a nice restaurant, go dancing, watch a movie, or maybe just make her a nice, long bubble bath surrounded by candles and chocolate (a mom favorite).
  • A flower bouquetFlower bouquets always bring a smile. Or maybe you’ll want to try something a little different. For example, hanging baskets, houseplants, and flowering  trees are also great gift ideas for a new mom’s first Mother’s Day. Flowering trees are very meaningful because they can symbolize not only the tree growing, but your child growing up as well.
  • A role reversal — This is a perfect gift for the new dad to give. If your wife stays at home, takes care of the baby, and cleans the house while you’re at work, switch roles for a fun change of pace. Let her spend the day doing whatever she wants while you stay home, take care of the baby, and clean the house (plus cook her favorite dinner).
  • A good night’s sleep — Since mom is the one who is probably getting the least amount of sleep these days, why not take over baby duty for a night — or maybe a weekend — and let her catch up on some ZZZ’s? (Bonus tip: breakfast in bed would also go great with this gift, so make sure to get up early!)
  • A new wardrobeHer pre-baby clothes are probably not so appealing anymore. It’s time for a whole new post-baby wardrobe. So a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store sounds like a good idea to me.
  • Her very first Mother’s Day card — A simple yet thoughtful card will probably be her favorite gift of all. A card seems so simple, but to a first-time mother, it means so much! You may even want to make a sweet card for mom’s first Mother’s Day.

Whatever you decide to get or do for the first-time mom in your family, just remember to make this Mother’s Day as special and unique as her as possible. And to make sure you don’t get the wrong gift for the new mom in your life, see what moms have to say about the best and worst Mother’s Day gifts they have ever received.


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