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Top 7 Tips For Buying Safe Baby Toys

All kids love toys — especially babies.

Almost anything can catch their attention and bring smiles to their little faces, which makes buying toys for newborn babies even more exciting.

Finding safe baby toys is the only downside that I can think of when shopping for infants.


Here are some tips to keep in mind, whether you’re a new parent yourself, or you’re buying a gift for someone who is…


7 Tips For Buying Safe Baby Toys

#1  Look for age recommendations.
Most toys these days have age recommendations on the packaging. This is helpful to know, because certain toys have small parts that cause choking hazards.

  Check out recent toy recalls.
You can check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission to see a list of all the recalled toys. You can also sign up to receive free email notices when new toys are recalled.

  Watch where you shop.
Most drugstores, dollar stores, and airports carry flimsy plastic toys that can break off easily or have sharp edges. Also be careful of toys sold at fairs, carnivals, or vending machines — they are not required to meet safety standards.

  Some toys to avoid:

  • no-name toys
  • toys with magnets, metals, or strings longer than 7 inches
  • toys with parts that can pinch fingers
  • toys with small parts

  The bigger the better.
Large, sturdy toys are less likely to break, be swallowed, or become lodged in throat.

#6  Closely examine hand-me-down & homemade toys.

Painted toys made before 1978 may contain lead, and these toys were probably not safety tested.

Inspect rattles, teething toys, and squeeze toys.
You want to make sure there are no small ends that can extend into the back of the baby’s mouth.


Here are the essential baby items that moms-to-be really need to buy.


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