Essential Baby Items That Moms-To-Be Really Need To Buy

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It’s easy when you’re a new mom to go out and spend a bunch of money on all the latest baby gadgets and goodies.

But this can also put you in serious credit card debt, if you’re not careful.

Knowing exactly what you need to buy for your new baby is crucial — both to save money, and just so you know what the bare necessities are that you’ll need to get your newborn through the first few months.

These are the most essential baby items to have on hand from the first day that your baby is born:

  • Baby wipes. These are just all around handy because they clean up not only poop and urine, but dirt and slobber as well. Unscented are the best ones because they are less likely to irritate baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Car seat. Most hospitals will not even let you leave with your new baby unless you have a car seat, whether your baby is riding home in a car or not.
  • Baby carrier. Baby carriers are essential because they allow you to have your hands free to do other things, and they foster closeness with your baby as well.
  • Stroller. Strollers are great because they allow you to take the baby out and about without  having to worry about sunlight being too bright (thanks to the stroller’s cover) or having to carry your baby everywhere you go.
  • Baby toys. Infant toys that are soft are best because, let’s face it, not every baby is going to be an angel 100% of the time. Soft baby toys help keep your baby occupied during those times when he is being less than easy to deal with.

Here are the best lists we’ve compiled with full details on all of the important necessities for new moms:

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