The Most Adorable Halloween Bunting Costumes You’ve Ever Seen!… Simple Newborn Baby Halloween Costumes & DIY Infant Halloween Costume Ideas

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For the really little ones who will be making an appearance at Halloween activities this year, check out these one-of-a-kind Halloween bunting costumes!

Adorable baby bunting Halloween costume!

Following are some of the most unique newborn baby Halloween costumes:

  • First, the Top 10 newborn baby costumes that you can buy.
  • Then, DIY infant Halloween costume ideas that you can make!


Top 10 Halloween Bunting Costumes You Can Buy (…Or Make If You’re Really Creative!)


#1 – Baby Mermaid Bunting Costume (…Mermaids don’t get any cuter than this!)



#2 – Baby Elvis Bunting Costume (…for your little Rock ‘n Roller)



#3 – Pea in a Pod Baby Bunting Costume (…for “two peas in a pod, check out the matching kids & adults Sweet Pea costume)



#4 – Ballerina Baby Bunting Costume (…for your little princess)



#5 – Baby Muscle Man Bunting Costume (…for the future iron man in the making)



#6 – Military Baby Bunting Costume (…for the child in a military family)



#7 – Baby Car Air Freshener Bunting (…for the little stinker!) Adult version is here.



#8 – Baby Frog Bunting Costume (…for the wriggly little bundle of fun in your arms)



#9 – Baby Witch Bunting Costume (…the classic baby girl Halloween costume)



#10 – Baby Superman Bunting Costume (…the classic baby boy Halloween costume — for your Super Baby!)


DIY Newborn Costumes You Can Make

Under the right circumstances, each of the following baby bunting costumes would win hearts.


Can’t you just imagine?…