What To Do When Prenatal Vitamins Make You Sick – My Doctor’s Recommendation

Forget morning sickness…

Prenatal vitamins made me vomit!

But if you’re trying to conceive or already pregnant, you have to take those vitamins.

What’s the best prenatal vitamin to take?

Can you find a prenatal vitamin that doesn’t upset your stomach?


My Experience With Prenatal Vitamins

When we were open to conception, I took regular Centrum vitamin tablets.

They provide 500 micrograms of folic acid per day — which is more than enough to prevent neural tube defects.

When I realized I was pregnant, my doctor recommended prenatal vitamins with more calcium and iron.  I happily filled the prescription for PreNate Advance.

Uh oh.

I never had morning sickness, but my stomach started churning day and night. Perhaps it was the funny tasting coating?

Here’s a list of some of the best prenatal vitamins for you.

prenatal-vitamin-organic-capsule-new-chapter-organics-perfect-prenatal.jpgWell, this is no time to scrimp, I thought.

I went straight to the health food store for the best prenatal vitamin I could find. Surely an organic prenatal vitamin in capsule form would do the trick…

I’ve never been so sick in my life.

I tried taking them with food — and without food. I was vomiting, for 2 days and nights, before I finally threw the $30 bottle in the trash. You have to take a lot of capsules to equal one horse-size prenatal tablet!

Here are some strategies for coping with prenatal vitamins that make you feel sick.

At this point I worried for the health of my baby!

But the doctor reassured me that while an adequate diet alone isn’t ideal, I was certainly keeping down more healthy foods than a pregnant woman with hyperemesis (frequent morning sickness).

Most importantly, I had been taking adequate folic acid at the most important moments — during and just after conception.flintstones-with-iron-as-substitute-for-prenatal-vitamins.gif

Here are the top 10 power foods for pregnant women from Whole Foods.

In the end, his nurse recommended I take 2 Flintstones with iron per day, and that’s what I’ve been doing since 3 months pregnant.

Without the vomiting, thank you very much!