Shocking Study Reveals Some Baby Boys Names Are Linked To Bad Behavior

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baby-boys-names-matter-by-Ja-nelle.jpg Have you just had a baby?

Is it a little boy?

If so, you may want to be careful when choosing his name.

Some say the name you choose for your little boy could affect whether he becomes a productive member of society or not.

According to a recent study on baby boys names by Shippensburg University professor David Kalist, that’s the case. In fact, Kalist says that by giving your baby boy a name that is unusual or different may actually cause him to become a criminal later in life.

5 of the names that appeared on Kalist’s list of Top 10 ‘Bad Boy’ Baby names are:

  • Walter
  • Luke
  • Malcom
  • Preston
  • Kareem

However, it was also noted that some of the most famous people of this century and the last had those names — and they weren’t ‘bad boys’. For example, the actors Luke Wilson and Luke Perry, or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Walt Disney, and Walter Cronkite, to name a few. (Don’t miss the video that goes along with the story above.)

If choosing the perfect baby name seems daunting, then you might want to consider another unlikely source for finding baby boys names: the Social Security Administration!

Yep, the SSA maintains a list of actual boys and girls names through the years. By using a list like that, you should be able to find a name that does not make the dreaded list (if you’ve decided you want to heed that study’s warning). And you can be assured that you baby’s name will be as unique and special as your baby boy is.