Babywearing: A Mom’s Review Of The Best Baby Carriers, Baby Slings, And Baby Wraps

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better-to-carry-baby-in-infant-maya-wrap-or-infant-carrier-stroller-travel-system.jpgTwo months and counting!

It’s time to assemble everything you’ll need for baby’s arrival.

Just in case — they do arrive early, you know!

I’ve unpacked the new car seat and washed the baby clothes.  Now I need to figure out which baby sling is best for a newborn.

Here’s what I’ve found about wearing an infant…


Slings and wraps are great for fussy babies.

They get that delicious body closeness. And you get to have your hands free!

But not every sling is one-size-fits-all.

Some are better than others for new little babies.


The Best Baby Carrier

I started my parenting journey with the classic Baby Bjorn.

My chubster quickly outgrew the infant car seat, long before he could sit upright in a shopping cart.  I strapped him to my chest and wore him everywhere we went.

What I liked about the Baby Bjorn:  Its stability.  Once the straps crisscrossed my back and the padded front clicked around the baby, there was little to no wiggle room.  I could even bend down without worrying about him falling out!


What I didn’t like about the Baby Bjorn:  Getting my arms in and out of the right straps.  Even though I’ve worn one for 2 years and counting, I still get tangled and confused in a hurry!

Check out some reviews from moms who’ve tried the Baby Bjorn.


The Best Ring Sling

The Maya Wrap is the classic ring sling, a long piece of fabric with 2 simple rings for tightening.

I tried this with my 2nd child after watching a friend successfully wear 1 child while pushing one in the stroller and holding another by the hand.

Talk about multi-tasking!

What I liked about the Maya Wrap:  Its graceful folds and long tail. Since the Maya is fully adjustable, wearing it in different ways lets the excess fabric drape off your shoulder.  The breathable handwoven cotton makes a perfect built-in nursing cover.


What I didn’t like about the Maya Wrap:  the learning curve.  Despite the DVD and a patient friend’s tutelage, it took me a good month before I felt secure wearing the baby this way. As she grew, so did my confidence and ease in adjusting positions.  We were both happiest when she could ride upright against my hip.

Very Cool:  Maya Wrap has a series of video demonstrations on how to wear your baby in a ring sling.

Plus, here are reviews from other moms, and some good deals on Maya Wraps.

The Best Pouch Sling

For Baby #3, I’m excited about trying a fitted pouch sling.

Unlike the Maya Wrap, a pouch sling is not adjustable — just pop in the baby and go!

The 2 best brands seem to be Hotslings and New Native Slings:

I do a lot of walking now.  For these newborn days, I’m hoping that a fitted pouch sling will give me the stability of a Baby Bjorn with the closeness of a Maya Wrap.



Helpful Tips For Choosing A Baby Carrier