Avoid These Popular Nursery Accessories! A Mom Of Three’s List Of Useless Nursery Items That First-Time Moms Don’t Need

Walk into any baby boutique (heck, even Walmart’s infant department!) and visions of sugarplums dance in your head.

Shopping at an amazing baby furniture store!

It takes a strong mama to resist the rainbow of minky dot blankets — much less the coordinated diaper stackers!

How do you know what’s important to have for your baby’s nursery?  And what’s not so important?

I have some advice for first-time moms regarding where you should invest your money in the baby nursery…

For example, your baby definitely needs a safe place to sleep — so it’s worth it to invest in a nice crib and a firm mattress.

When we moved, we bought a Graco Pack ‘N Play with bassinet.  Our new baby slept there while the house was on the market.  It worked great!

For The Baby’s Sleeping Area…

Here are some things you do NOT need for your babys crib and sleeping area.

Don’t buy these nursery items:

  • A padded crib bumper may look cute — but it’s a suffocation risk.
  • A plush, fancy comforter — unless  you plan to hang it on the wall.  There should be no soft bedding in the crib with baby.
  • Darling little embroidered baby pillows — also a soft “No no.”

Do buy these nursery items:

  • A custom-made or extra-long crib skirt.  You’ll be able to hide all kinds of baby supplies underneath!
  • Several crib sheets or crib liners for accidents.
  • A sleep sack that zips around baby to keep him warm at night — without the danger of suffocation from blankets.  Baby sleep sacks are great!

For The Baby Changing Area…

A mom of three shares her list of things you do NOT need for the baby changing table.

Don’t buy these nursery items:

  • A changing table is not necessary!  A curved / contoured changing pad can simply be laid on a guest bed or dresser.
  • Wipe warmers can overheat at night and pull constant electricity for the minimal convenience they provide.
  • A basket full of special powders and lotions may actually irritate baby skin.
  • No one really uses the Diaper Genie.  The refills are pricey, too!

Do buy these nursery items:

  • Basic zinc ointment for diaper rash — like Desitin.
  • A dermatological lotion for dryness or eczema — like Eucerin.
  • A pack of cheap washcloths to use with plain water instead of wipes.  Better for skin allergies!
  • A basket for plastic grocery bags — tie up dirty diapers inside the bags and dispose of them in the main trash can.

For The Baby’s Nursery Decor…

Stay away from the cute all boy or all girl nursery decor sets. Stick to a neutral color instead and decorate it just like the rest of your house.

Don’t buy these nursery items:

  • An entire themed room package for boy or girl.  You’ll get tired of it — fast!
  • An antique rocking chair without trying it with a baby first.  Learned this the hard way!
  • A nightlight that stays on all night — baby’s eyes need total darkness to develop.

Do buy these nursery items:

  • A pretty color nursery set with occasional theme accents.
  • A comfortable glider rocker (or an upholstered swivel rocker) — for the living room.
  • A soft light for night feedings.
  • A ceiling fan for white noise.

The Bottom Line…

See what a mom of 3 thinks you need (and do not need) for your babys nursery.

It has taken me a long time to narrow down my list of absolute essentials for a new baby’s nursery.

Some things you just have to learn the hard way!

I hope that my loss can be your gain.